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  1. Limbowhore πŸ˜˜πŸ’šβ€πŸ’“ Love yall and good luck Milrive ?
  2. Iimbowhore Good luck guys teal
  3. Limbowhore Good luck guys Wenge
  4. limbowhore

    How to win?

    Click on KENO and spam de 2x just to make sure that you are in a all in situation. Press de autoselect 69 times and press BET. MAKE SURE TO BE ON MEDIUM OR HIGH IF YOU DONT CARE. thanks for trying this works 99% of the time... so dont blame me of you lose 🀑🍭
  5. limbowhore

    Why stake

    Eddie is cute ☺ 🀑🍭
  6. Limbowhore Good luck boiis and gurls ☺ Indigo
  7. Limbowhore Yeah I feel like my heart is broken πŸ’” Danica πŸ’š ROYAL BLUE
  8. Crying Face Emoji πŸ’” 😭😭😭😭 Congrats
  9. Limbowhore Always here good luck red =R E D
  10. Limbowhore I know that in a clown but still a really nice person 🀑🍭 WTF IS PHLOX
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