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    Rille07 reacted to Stefan in [700$]|Stake Premier League Table ⚽|Guess the Score   
    ⚽ Hello, guys! ⚽ 
    Here we will make our own Stake Premier League Table, based on your points from weekly challenge "Premier League Predictions". 
    Your job is just to guess the score, and post it in the challenge "Premier League Predictions" and we will add your points here. First 10 people with the most points will be added to the Table each week. 
    Points from the game week #1 are already added.
    1st place -  200$ 2nd place -  150$ 3rd place -  100$ 4th place - 75$ 5th place - 50$ 6-10th place - 25$ 
      Stake Premier League Table: 
    1. @sababalat| 12 points
    2. @Juan24|12 points
    3. @yololife222| 11 points
    4. @yuvikaa|10 points
    5. @ozcelik06|10 points
    6. @wowa24|10 points
    7. @dhkxy|9 points
    8. @Galahad28|9 points
    9. @crileboy|9 points
    10. @giorgim6666|9 points
    11. @zhestka|9 points
    12. @1vgvgvgvgvg1|8 points
    13. @JackStraw42|7 points
    14. @Freddyzone7|7 points
    15. @ghitagulas|7 points
    16. @marcoasik33|7 points
    17. @Milkshake4590|7 points
    18. @nuuuitsjdragon|7 points
    19. @jualid|7 points
    20. @elyxdelrey|7 points
    @Radeand I will be hosts for this weekly challenge (Premier League Predictions) and we will add your points here, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly!

    Good luck, everyone!!! 

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    Rille07 reacted to bentura in Amazing win 7852X   

  3. Love
    Rille07 got a reaction from AndreB69 in Manga/manwha/manhua   
    Nice list, I also read many from your top 20 list. Here are a few that I also read. 
    Peerless concubine 
    Peerless dad
    Saru lock 
    Addicted to curry
    Martial master 
    Ultimate soldier 
    Talented genius 
    The suburb captain in the city
    Player reborn 
    Berserk of Gluttony 
    other world warrior 
  4. Haha
    Rille07 reacted to Caterpillar40 in my fruity 1000x on plinko who made my day   
    for recognition's and my memories at forum of stake, some time it happen 🥰

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    Rille07 reacted to GKD09 in 🏆 2 LTC 🏆 | Stake 3 Slots Challenge - Week 4 🎰🍑   

    Pretty bad this time around 
  6. Haha
    Rille07 reacted to JacksonPalmer in Which slots provider do you like the most?   
    For a few weeks now we got so many new games and slots and had the time to find our personal favorites and the ones we already hate, so I was wondering if you got any favorite slots provider soverall where you enjoy playing (nearly) all of their slots games.
    If you got a favorite slots provider that is not on stake yet, feel free to post which you would like to see on stake in the future
  7. Haha
    Rille07 reacted to ThugStream in VIP promo question   
    Winners for "multiply by two" are yet not announced, when it does a link to coupon and list of winners will be posted in the end of that specific topic or last comment. To claim the prize you just need to click on that coupon and you will get credited. 
    or you could just "follow" that topic , you will get notification if any new comment is posted after its locked, easy?  
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    Rille07 got a reaction from dupeddonk in VIP promo question   
    Hi mate, 
    what I usually do after the challenge is over,  is I wait till I see Nenad profile picture on the challenge. That means the prize is ready to be claimed. once prize is ready, go to the last page and claim your prize. Refer to attached screenshot. 
    Please note this is a screenshot of previous challenge. thanks 

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    Rille07 got a reaction from Chagidudey in Betting tips for newbies   
    Good advices bro. 
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    Rille07 reacted to Chagidudey in Betting tips for newbies   
    Everybody knows that casinos have a house edge, however, this is often overlooked by many players and they often unknowingly decrease their own odds by making certain mistakes while trying to profit or wagering. Thus, in this guide, i will be listing out tips to help cut your losses and increase your profitability in the long run. All tips applies to all casino games in Stake.com.
    1. Organising your bankroll / bets
    More often than not, when people are trying to make a quick buck or tilt betting, they often bet a quarter, half or even the whole of their bankroll at once ( any odds ), in the long run, you are likely to lose the whole of your bankroll very quickly. Instead, its better to bet 2% OR LESS of your bankroll at once. 
    For example, while playing blackjack, lets say your starting balance is $1000, your bets should be $20 or less, double where you need to, split where you need to etc. but this way, you can't lose it all at once, instead allowing you to build a balance.
    2. Martingale? BAD.
    Martingale, or more commonly known as the 'double down' method, where when you bet on 50/50 odds and double down every time you lose. Full-proof right? 99% of the time whenever this method is used, it doesn't last more than a couple hundred bets (depending on your bet size compared to bankroll). Because in the long run, it is common to see 10+ bet losing streaks, often wiping people's bankrolls. This applies to all game modes, Roulette, Blackjack, Crash, Limbo, Mines, Dice, Baccarat Etc.
    It does not function as a wagering strategy neither a profitable one (in the long run). Avoid this strategy.
    3. Always bet on banker 
    In Baccarat, people tend to bet on player just because of the 'equal' return of 2X, compared to the banker's 5% commission, 'theoretically' people should bet on player all the time right? Well actually, after taking into consideration the rules of baccarat and the advantage banker has compared to player when it comes to dealing, betting on banker actually has a lower house edge compared to player. In stake.com's baccarat, infinite decks are used, where the house edge of banker is 1.06%+/-, compared to players 1.24%+/-. In the long run, it is always better to bet on banker.
    4. Avoid side bets
    Although stake.coms blackjack game does not have side bets, people often play on Evolution Gaming's Live Blackjack, where many side bet options are offered, most commonly 21+3 and perfect pair side bets. Evolution gaming uses 8 decks in their blackjack, and according to the math, 21+3 has a house edge of 6%, whilst Perfect pairs holds a house edge of 4%. Insurance is also counted as a side bet, of which has a 7.4% house edge in an 8 deck shoe. In the long run, detrimental to your bankroll.
    5. Always use basic strategy for blackjack
    Lastly, when playing blackjack, ALWAYS play with basic strategy. Remember to always check how many decks are being used and use basic strategy accordingly. This reduces your house edge to as low as 0.5%!.
    Thank you for reading my guide. Please leave feedback below!
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    Rille07 reacted to Reana in Suggestion for a 16 million USD jackpot slot game to be added.   
    Hello Rille. Your suggestion looks very interesting. I will look forward to the appearance of Mega Moolah slot, and other slots from Microgaming.
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    Rille07 reacted to sababalat in Suggestion for a 16 million USD jackpot slot game to be added.   
    agree with this assums, im sure will most player playing this game while added on stake
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    Rille07 got a reaction from Stefan in 💰 Business Ideas 💰   
    I would use that money to buy land and then rent it out to parking companies that will install and maintain it. 
  14. Haha
    Rille07 reacted to Stefan in 💰 Business Ideas 💰   
    Hello guys!
    Here, I would like to talk to you about business ideas.

    In the near future, I'm planning to invest some money in some kind of business, but still not sure in what exactly. My plan is to make multiple sources of income and I have a couple of ideas, but I want to hear more from you, maybe I'll like some of them. 
    I'll give you a couple of rules. You have 50.000$ to invest in the next 7 days, and you need to invest it all. It can be passive or active income.
    Be creative as much as you can and try to avoid ideas like ''I would deposit everything on Stake and make millions" 😂😂 or something like that.
    I really hope to hear a lot of interesting ideas here. Therefore, in the next 7 days, I will reward one person per day with 0.02 LTC.
    Looking forward to see some good ideas! 💰🔥💰🔥

    Day 1- @seanwattson 0.02 LTC
    Day 2- @wry 0.02 LTC
    Day 3- @lEscanore 0.02 LTC
    Day 4- @yololife222 0.02 LTC
    Day 5- @pasolone 0.02 LTC
    Day 6- @caveman2528 0.02 LTC
    Day 7- @nhoyasim101 0.02 LTC
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    Rille07 reacted to Caelum in 🏆 1.6 LTC Stake 3️⃣ Slots Challenge - Week 1 🎰🍊   
    It's here!
    Unless you've been living under a rock over the last month or so, you would've noticed the countless new games we've added to our site! They include table games, live games and of course, plenty of slots games!
    With that in mind, we're offering you guys the opportunity to make some easy cash with these fantastic new slots games. How better to do it than with a forum challenge?
    Every week, we're going to select a random slots game from our site and if you can hit the high multipliers, you'll share in a prizepool of 1.6 Litecoin! If you guys like this, we may even expand the prizepool!
    To start us off, we're going with Mechanical Orange from Bgaming! This slots game is one-of-a-kind with three reels and a fun musical setup.

    Here are the ground rules and prizepool setup:
    Minimum bet is 10c. Any bets that are on fun play/with nothing staked will not count Multipliers must be 25x or higher If you submit a post to this challenge and hit a higher multiplier than your first submission, you must delete your original post so we can get a better idea of how many unique participants there are. Anyone with multiple posts on this challenge by the time it expires will be disqualified. Please ensure that your Stake username/ID is either linked to your forum account or in your post so we can swiftly organise payment if you win. Prizepool:
    1.6 LTC - 40+ participants 1.2 LTC - 30+ participants 0.8 LTC - 20+ participants 0.4 LTC - 10+ participants How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor.
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below) 👇

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    Rille07 reacted to 2pinks in Statistics of 500000 Limbo bets   
    In total I analyzed 530857 of Limbo results with the same seed, these are some facts about them:
    First of all, did I get a million times multiplier? No, not even close to that. Did I get a 100000+ times multiplier? Yes, 2 of them, but it took a long time. The first one, 104461.91094339623 multiplier took 511199 bets, the second one 205054.8622222222 multiplier took 522395 bets.  Did I find some magic numbers that would have been profitable if I only bet on them? No, every day I was checking performance of all the numbers, and every day less of them became profitable and finally somewhere between 450 and 500 thousand bets all the numbers became unprofitable. I had some hope in multipliers like 2000x, 5000x, because they were profitable for a long time, but eventually they became unprofitable as well.
    Top 100 multipliers that I got:
    205054.8622222222 104461.91094339623 46395.09452513966 45134.358260869565 41627.67879699248 41112.48475247525 32503.80399217221 29088.342977232925 29037.48923076923 27453.62618181818 27184.03247135843 27007.22575609756 25631.857777777775 25051.95149321267 24425.652705882352 22354.567752355317 21912.195039577837 21294.15876923077 18312.506990077178 17502.048303477342 17035.327015384617 17017.872786885247 16777.216 15058.425965548504 14923.13013477089 14803.42588235294 14544.171488616463 14147.737512776832 14111.677009345794 13957.515831932773 13192.568578236695 13182.098285714286 12469.552432432432 12185.945590608952 11983.725714285714 11940.64977713875 11897.88240687679 11754.737324840764 11314.335040871934 10884.30133682831 10674.44976863753 10329.256119402984 9945.774754491018 9874.817978596908 9735.899085580304 9474.868134626355 8905.868010723862 8905.868010723862 8863.097033084312 8816.052993630574 8535.171551901336 8530.78779661017 8371.695483870968 8325.535759398495 8234.726742687159 7985.309538461539 7958.526037374221 7823.572227979274 7696.683892493049 7536.045299455535 7414.930285714286 7291.239613696224 7246.703246073299 6996.395888795282 6993.450037894737 6981.691399747793 6969.972236676458 6891.885410788382 6880.465550952775 6567.593451957296 6546.883657863618 6315.377885931559 6270.080724801812 6140.274987060998 6133.472614475628 6113.155627530365 5938.306700035752 5844.280028149191 5836.066001405481 5825.830880392844 5733.325453917846 5697.922415094339 5649.470693877551 5575.509848942598 5479.856100296932 5385.682178988327 5361.344041316978 5242.88 5118.472677966101 5098.04906077348 5060.76899451554 5014.928695652174 4981.836784643071 4968.424720311098 4963.970065750149 4955.084677804296 4921.316693333333 4919.858957345972 4914.0366390532545 4776.946747195858  
    Some statistics:
    10000+ multipliers: 42
    1000+ multipliers: 491
    100+ multipliers: 5238
    10+ multipliers: 52843
    Finally, I put all of my limbo results in one file, sorted from highest to lowers multipliers: https://gofile.io/d/cQTfBJ
    You all can also check out this file and do some analysis of your own or post your own results files here, unfortunately stake.com changed their bets files recently and there are no more data on Limbo bets like what multiplier you got, only if your multiplier was a win or a loss. Hoping that this is just a temporary thing that will get fixed soon, otherwise content like this will never get published by anyone else again.
  17. Bitcoin
    Rille07 reacted to Valeron in 🥇[$3000] ​Reaching for the Top ​🏔️​   
    LIMBO: 27,952,568,546
    placed by Bvvb on 18/08/2020
    0.00010003 Multiplier
    2002x Profit
  18. Bitcoin
    Rille07 got a reaction from Valeron in 🥇[$3000] ​Reaching for the Top ​🏔️​   
    LIMBO: 27,948,852,466
    placed by Rille07 on 18/08/2020
    0.00280000 Multiplier
    35x Profit
  19. Sad
    Rille07 reacted to JacksonPalmer in Discord removal   
    First private messages and friends on the site getting removed, then payed posts on forum getting removed killing any activity around here, now the discord server gets closed too. Why are we not just removing any community features this website has and only keep the games and destroy all the fun, this sounds like an amazing idea. Maybe remove the chat in the next step.

    I'm sorry, but I think this is the absolute wrong way to handle all of this and way of an overkill. It's like if a city removes all the stores in their town, so criminals can no longer rob them, instead of doing something against the criminals.

    Also I don't want any prize for that, thank you very much. This is like the 3rd change in a row going against community-stuff on this site and I just wish we would see something positive for the community too once in a while.
  20. Thanks
    Rille07 reacted to Landak in Delete Attachments   
    this cannot solve the problem. Since many threads have been locked, what if I increase my forum rank, will the post attachment limit be increased?
    I myself already have a solution for posting images without having to use the attachment feature.
    in this way [img} yourlinkhere[/ img]
  21. Thanks
    Rille07 reacted to Nenad in 7 Days Cake Hunt Winners!   
    Hey there, Stakers! 
    We hope you had fun chasing our challenges and clues for the bday cake during the last week, as we enjoyed making them for you. 🎂😎
    For the most eager ones who managed to catch all 7 challenges, there is an additional reward, just as promised, which they can claim on the bonus link below:
    If you wish to see if you are one of those, you may check the list of all the winners here: https://pastebin.com/B0e04pk6
    See you all again in our regular weekly challenges! Good luck! 

    P.S Message me here on forum if you have some questions.
  22. Wow
    Rille07 reacted to Nenad in ​🧐​ Suggestions for Telegram Challenge|Bonus ​🎁​   
    Hey there, Stakers! 😊

    I have good news for you, also this topic will be very helpful for our daily telegram challenges. This will be a place where you can post your opinion and your suggestion for the telegram challenge task. Best part is that, if your idea is good and we pick it for hosting, you will get some bonus for that. Yeah, one more thing, do not go with some easy stuff. Do your best to have my attention. 🎁

    Good luck! Think Wisely! 🧐
  23. Thanks
    Rille07 reacted to Faris in 🎂 [$900] Cake Hunt|Crash, Slide & Keno   
    Guys, both of these versions are allowed for the Slide challenge, the number 3 can be either in the Target multiplier or in the Result multiplier. That's no problem at all! Good luck 🍀
  24. Payday
    Rille07 got a reaction from Caterpillar40 in What makes you sign in stake web, while knowing ducks at all wallets?   
    I login to Stake almost everyday, playing and trying to become a good gambler or that one super lucky shot to win big. With the new jackpot slots, or games like crazy times, monopoly, just day dreaming about hitting it big makes me happy. 
  25. Bitcoin
    Rille07 reacted to Vampire in 🏆 [3.2 ETH]​ Strike a Chord​ | Mines Challenge 🎶   
    MINES: 26,815,742,023
    placed by Vampire on 27/07/2020
    3.12000000 Multiplier
    417.45x Profit
    1299.32400000 MINES: 26,815,996,808
    placed by Vampire on 27/07/2020
    3.12000000 Multiplier
    404.105x Profit
    1257.68742857 MINES: 26,817,165,439
    placed by Vampire on 27/07/2020
    3.12000000 Multiplier
    600.875x Profit
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