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  1. Xenophobia21#6323
  2. xenophobia21 shoutout too hoffbud! never stop drinking lol cheers
  3. keep it going guys! badluck always turns around and tomorrow is always a new day!
  4. I ripped 25 bucks coz of a crazy yolo confidence lol
  5. my first win in gambling was when I betted 2 dollars and it became 50 bucks dude! felt nice tho!
  6. my first bet here was a win so I was that happy and finally I can bet on eSports everyday
  7. Such emotions might be from a great attachment to the team and I understand the dude. I felt that too when a team who I was, not just rooting for but also, anticipating that they would win them all. When they lost, I actually shed a tear for one of them coz it was his finest hour and it was the last time I saw his name on the big stage... Thanks Jimmy Ho! You made the fire phoenix burn and when you lost, the ashes revived the Filipino spirit! Together with sam_H, kuku, raven and eyyou! you guys paved the way to the Filipino Dota 2 scene! cheers!
  8. I would love to see that! who's the top teams right now? I remembered the league for PUBG and it was entertaining to watch! Sooo unpredictable!
  9. I'm still learning the ropes BUT I just pick out who I think will win and then let the magic work lol
  10. I recently won a 5.0 odds (sadly in 0.001 ltc only) in Dota 2 and let me tell ya it felt goooood lol especially, it's my team who won