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  1. SovietDoggo

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    It settled, i'm not getting banned or anything, Im going to start paying back. If its chill, id like a 100k for a week 10% ill pay within 7 days
  2. SovietDoggo

    [Micro Loans Service] Wilburito Shop

    I just took and paid loans back loans yesterday, why not wilbur... Never ran off with a loan either, or defaulted....
  3. SovietDoggo

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    Yeah, lets see what stake staff have to say about this, if they actually do.
  4. SovietDoggo

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    It's a called a pm for a reason, Private Message.
  5. SovietDoggo

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    @BLXN Lol, and you've only been here since.... 3 months ago....
  6. SovietDoggo

    SovietDoggo spent my $500.

    Banned for? This is not related to stake trading, loans or the forum.
  7. SovietDoggo

    LillyFlow Give Aways !! Come see me!

    Good luck lori, will be tuning in
  8. SovietDoggo

    Doge Gambling?

    As I don't see them adding it any time soon it would be cool, betting whole coins, because its worth less it would be better to buy alot of coins.
  9. Yeah, I used to sell my clothes and stuff to buy btc, I had expensive clothes so I sold them to fuel my addiction.
  10. SovietDoggo

    Gambled with ingame items ?

    Yeah, CSGO gambling used to be my favorite way to gamble but skin values didn't totally correspond to USD because you would have to sell them at a discount usually, now since the csgo trade lock there are different ways to play on these and you can even deposit and withdraw btc, its cool.
  11. SovietDoggo

    Nail fetish? Mustache fetish? Weird Fetishes...

    Podophilia, its common to en extent so, i'm not even ashamed.
  12. SovietDoggo

    Mobile Experience

    Roulette is a pain but hilo and stuff is a breeze its real old now and needs to be updates though to a friendlier interface
  13. SovietDoggo

    BTC price going down

    I like when it goes down so I can get more btc for less.
  14. SovietDoggo

    Will you tip when you win big

    If I win big I like to tip people who are nice to me, and my friends. Sometimes I do trivias too, best way to tip imo
  15. SovietDoggo

    What are the old gambling sites that you know?

    Csgo gambling sites used to be my thing, very fun with alot of game modes