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  1. Dice x1909 won 0.02

    Nice hit! You got extremely lucky.
  2. 3BTC Win! :D Best Ever!

    very nice win, good job man!
  3. I am willing to sell A 15 dollar value card for 0.000700 on Stake. I am willing to go first so you can transfer the balance or if you would like we could use a middleman, thanks!
  4. 0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    I ended up losing it all but it was a very fun climb, I did 10x+ on roll with about 50k 100k and so on and I got lucky.
  5. Slow roll mode/option for Dice

    Sounds like a great idea, I hope this gets added!
  6. I'm fine with a middleman, I am also fine with going first, whichever works. 0.002 btc is 25 usd, if you could trade the doge to btc that would be better.
  7. https://masteroverwatch.com/profile/pc/us/xxHanzo420xx-1949/heroes Yeah if you sent to my stake wallet.
  8. I am selling the account for 0.002600 BTC on Stake, lmk if interested.
  9. On Christmas day I was able to win .06 bitcoin from around .0006 bitcoin, big win and huge profit margin, great day all around for me.
  10. Muted for "Advertising"

    I had no clue I was advertising and I didn't mean to break any rules as I wanted to be an active member in the community and in chat, I was told that my mute would be permanent but I love the site and would love to continue using it and being able to chat with fellow gamblers. I know its a serious offense but I guarantee it will not happen again, I am deeply sorry.