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  1. I've yet to actually hit 1000x I hope to soon when i'm seriously trying to go for it and not some challenge i'm trying to do, nice job man, keep it up.
  2. It's a rush to get a big multiplier on high with wheel and has a cool animation, dope game, I find myself investing all my balance in it sometimes, got a few 30x, 40x and 50x's
  3. Nice job dude, that's insanely lucky, and I hope you have some luck with more big hits as well, dope stuff.
  4. I consistently hit 100x on limbo more than dice by a good amount and it's a new and refreshing game to play other than it so I think it's a really good game mode, i've gotten 500x in a few rolls and 10x back to back. It's a good replacement for chartbet too, which was to slow and this is instant.
  5. Chrome for sure very fast and responsive and smooth, every game feels smooth and never lags. Other browsers may slow it down and make it choppy and bad to use.
  6. 100x can hit quite often sometimes but there has been many times where I don't hit anything for 100+ rolls and bust, I feel as if i'm going for something higher than 10x dice isn't the game to do it, I think it's easier on Limbo or Hilo and Keno to hit those. And I feel it's way too slow so it's not for me.
  7. If a stranger offends you that much online then you need to toughen up and not take things so seriously or block them, no one is forcing you to talk to anyone in chat to begin with, it's not against the rules as to if it's a threat or not that's a different story, silly insults don't really matter.
  8. Personally I like to use ETH to bet but since most sites if I am going to buy with crypto, they only take bitcoin so if I ended up winning I have to go somewhere to convert it which kinda sucks but it's low fees and the time it takes to reach balance is reasonable, I would vouch for BTC but the fees can get pretty bad and it's kind of annoying. Other than that if I am dealing with a big balance I might use BTC to bet as I enjoy using it out of the others but if not it's always eth.
  9. SovietDoggo


    Eh it's hit or miss, as long as you bet tons of money you will become VIP no matter what, no matter how long you've been on stake, a person could join today and get VIP pretty quickly as long as they bet a lot. Stake is realistically trying to keep all it's high rollers in stake because they have incentives to, other than that it's okay if you are one of those people who tend to deposit hundreds a month. I don't see me becoming one, i'd rather not put all my money gambling and being prodded on because they give you extra to keep that addiction going.
  10. The race to make it big and to make a lot of money, and the community as well as the team behind, one of the best casino's online hands down, everything seems fair and fun.
  11. Limbo is fun because it's new and can be cool to see a huge multiplier hit for sure, dice is better though, I feel like I can hit more consistent high multipliers with dice, it's a classic anywhere and it's simple and you can control how to bet in dice to a better extent, going high or low and stuff.
  12. I lose control and bet all my money away, it's so annoying to rack up a bit and bust, but sometimes you get lucky and all in and get it back.