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  1. Well yeah you get to make higher bets and play less conservatively with you balance, the less I have the less I bet simple as that and the less I win at a time if I do hit.
  2. To win half a million dollars and boy a sports car and a nice house because why not, and to prosper and be healthy of course. Live good.
  3. Happy late new year good luck to you this year my friends, hope you make lots of money on here and keep this community thriving and wonderful.
  4. I don't understand what he meant by that but it would be interesting to find out, I do want new games but a new slots game would not be very fun at least to me.
  5. I don't even bother you have to wager so much money to get into the top 100 and at that point you might be losing more than you can gain, it's cool if you are a high wager player, but at that point 10 dollars isn't much to them when they deposit hundreds.
  6. This website is very hit or miss with me either i'm insanely lucky or insanely unlucky, more unlucky than anything though, this website makes me so incredibly angry sometimes because it seems that your odds are too against you when it doesn't seem like it.
  7. I've stopped playing as much I used to on here because of the fact i'd bet more than I could afford everytime I was on here and ended up kicking myself because I couldn't cover my life expenses because of it, I recommend putting small amounts on here every so often and see if you make some good money.
  8. Would be pretty cool and way more useful but it would be a pain for the site sadly, if possible I would love to see it though, I wish you could do conversions of coins on the site though.
  9. New year same old busting, but I can hope I will be more lucky, hope they add improvements to the site as well.
  10. Thanks for this really cool, just wish I had the HiLo bot shinjo used on his streams a good while ago.
  11. My newcomer experience was pretty good until I got hit with a mute that lasted a few months, otherwise at the time there were a ton of giveaways and things such as trivia and hunts in the chat all the time. Nice community with mods who engage and care about it's members. It's pretty different in the way the staff interact with the community and how straight forward and clean the website is.
  12. All in is such a horrible way to play in my opinion it's insanely risky for no profit, if you are unlucky you will bust it and for a little bit of profit. I find people who do this insanely foolish. You can't expect to win that easily.
  13. The punishment for mutes can be very excessive in comparison for the offense, the fact you can't even PM friends is ridiculous to me.
  14. It's a rush to get a big multiplier on high with wheel and has a cool animation, dope game, I find myself investing all my balance in it sometimes, got a few 30x, 40x and 50x's
  15. Eh it's hit or miss, as long as you bet tons of money you will become VIP no matter what, no matter how long you've been on stake, a person could join today and get VIP pretty quickly as long as they bet a lot. Stake is realistically trying to keep all it's high rollers in stake because they have incentives to, other than that it's okay if you are one of those people who tend to deposit hundreds a month. I don't see me becoming one, i'd rather not put all my money gambling and being prodded on because they give you extra to keep that addiction going.
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