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  1. It does seem that way sometimes, but maybe it's just me finding something to blame for being unlucky and it seems like the only viable option sometimes, it's the same though.
  2. I have a ton of profit on hilo, I had .2 BTC profit on it at one point also being the only mode I had profit on.
  3. I like to bet big because it's the most satisfying to win with and when I hit big it's a huge rush and really fun on some games.
  4. The most i've ever cashed out at once is 1.5k USD when I started with 5 dollars and got really lucky, was pretty awesome, I had 2.5k but got greedy.
  5. All inning usually around 60k when I do almost bust to make it even quicker, though i've hit it a few times and ended up getting rich
  6. There are ways to use emojis on here, just use an emoji extension to copy and paste them I guess, should work on anything else so I don't see why it wouldn't on stake chat.
  7. Too much work for such a new addition that will do nothing for the function of the site
  8. Mostly yeah, depends how much i'm trying to risk at the moment, I risk more on dice.
  9. I'd like to get a 100 dollars of bitcoin profit at most so I can have a little more spending money so I can treat myself to things more 🙂
  10. Yeah I've stuck around this site for a long time because it's a very trust able and engaging in the fact that the community is full of life and the staff presenting incentives and just activeness in chat make it such a fun place to spend your Crypto and has definitely held up very well to the test of time.
  11. I think it adds to the site transparency and shows that the mods are regular users of the site just like everyone else, so I do not have a problem with it as they don't have any special access.
  12. Usually 5 minutes, done it a bunch of times where i'd have 200k and i'd get really tilted and bet all my sats at once and bust in mere minutes,
  13. The biggest profit i've came up on was 1k from 5 dollars a good while ago, took about 20 minutes which was pretty insane to me, I was playing pretty big on HiLo which usually is what is luckiest for me, I always seem to always win big on either that or roulette.
  14. It has been insanely laggy and hard to cash out, i've tried everything to see if it was me or not but I think it's just Stake at this point. It's decent but at that point i'd rather play limbo and go for an instant hit at a selected multiplier.
  15. I wouldn't risk it, I would only put .1 if I could and if not i'd just rather see where it goes in price and sell if it's a decent profit. I'm too reckless at times to even attempt to play safe and would kick myself harder than i've ever in my life if I busted somehow.