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  1. also good wagering strat is 1.344x and increase on loss 300%..so for example base bet 100sats then 400 sats, 1600sats, 6400...and so on..and u will with every increase be more in profit...of course u can start with 10 satoshies or more if u have bigger ballance...
  2. 1.34x and if u loss times 4 increase for example bet is 100 satoshies if u losse then 400,1600.6400....and so on, and when u hit u will always be in profit great strategy for any game
  3. i won 18btc on bitsler and i cashout 10 and continue to gable with rest....
  4. i am more a slot guy, the feeling when u hit 100x with some crazy base bet is precious
  5. i like dice mate there are the best way to win becouse u can use a ton of strategies, but of course u need a solide balance to start.
  6. all depends on the luck , yours of course. but until we have some % to win then it is possible
  7. i think for sure 100% that stake is right now the top online casino with a thousands way to earn coins..congrats on the great job guys and just continue the great work
  8. i do this, if i dont win anything over base bet for 4 bets, then i double my base bet and so on every 4 bets
  9. i play on dice 6.2x and on increase 22%..thank me later also on dice i do 169x and increase on loss 1.1%, but i need a sweet balance for this method some easy money is also 1.7x on loss 121% on win -26% stop on loss 10% of your total balance stop on win 1% of your tootal balance, and base bet u use 0.001% of your total ballance
  10. i won 18btc on bitsler and i cashout 10 and continue to gable with rest....
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