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  1. Notsoballin Leggo!!!!! if its not Stake then give me a break
  2. Notsoballin Leggo!!!! get it Stake is king!!!!
  3. HILO: 46,614,372,124 placed by Smoothcrim on 09/06/2021 Wagered 0.00005732 Multiplier 2.5605178x Profit 0.00008945
  4. Notsoballin Leggo!!!! there is not party like a stake party cause a stake party don’t stop
  5. Notsoballin Leggo!!!! stake is king
  6. Notsoballin!!!! Leggo!!! indigo indigo indigo Stake is king!!!!
  7. Notsoballin. Legggo!!!!!! Royal Blue Stake is king!!!!
  8. Notsoballin. Leggo!!! red red red
  9. Notsoballin. Leggo!!!!! Phlox phlox phlox stake is king
  10. Notsoballin. Leggo!!!!! Olive olive olive stake is king
  11. Notsoballin Leggo!!!! blue blue blue
  12. SLOTS: 25,004,051,058 placed by Notsoballin on 26/06/2020 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 102.15x Profit 0.02023000 SLOTS: 25,005,942,569 placed by Notsoballin on 27/06/2020 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 34.65x Profit 0.00673000
  13. Yea plinko gets me a lot I just keep thinking it’ll balance itself out but a lot of times it doesn’t. Also because I am playing super easy and low pins mainly for wagering
  14. I have never tried a mega race before maybe I will try today but my starting balance is pretty low right now to compete with people betting 200 btc lol
  15. For me it doesn’t matter I have tried plink and basically other game during races it just East my balance so fast haha
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