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  1. I think the best way of making money in casino is to deposit a huge sum like 1btc and then set ur target and playing plan an d stick to it, be ready to adjust and take a break if the dice is not in ur favor, and come back at other times to try ur strategies, who knows? you ride urself to some decent profits

  2. I really dont see how changing seeds improves your luck, I believe in getting ur strategies right, have a playing plan and stik to it, dont hang in there for too long or the reds will come after you

  3. I personally dont see any difference between mobile or pc, I think of it from the angle of inconveniences, sitting in front of a pc for long can be very tiring likewise gazing into a mobile for long can be tiring too, so u can chose which either is more convenient for you. thanks

    ย ย 

    Less I forget, playing on mobile, you can mistakenly click on max bet while its not your intention to do so, so one have to be very careful while using mobile

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