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  1. You can't breathe while doing it I want to breathe underwater
  2. I discovered stake because of a friend who suggested this to me. Why not give it a try and I actually enjoyed playing here
  3. I forgot to send this screenshot of my win using your strategy but here i its 23$ payout. Thanks for awsome strategy
  4. Looks promising. That is my stats. I used 20 ripples then use your 14.1429x increase onloss 15% then put 0.004 as basebet. The real profit is 17 xrp. The last bet hits. Im lucky af. Risky but fast profit strategy.
  5. So how much profit do you recommend to us before stop playing? Like 100% profit?
  6. I dont like it. But its for users safety. And the 2fa needed for tip and rain. Its annoying but it secures our funds
  7. Not a good idea but it secures our funds.
  8. I usually takes a break once I lost my funds. Then deposit again later to play
  9. Yeah dude EOS is good. Plus Stake gave bonus
  10. Both games are great. But I think Keno is more fun to play.
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