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  1. Woow nice taste bro ..... Shelby Mustang was my dream too since need4speed movie appeared on screens ....but The GTR i find it more attractive just bcz the way makes you feel while you are just behind the wheel ! ....i Drove GTR 2018 model .....I didn't want to step of the car after that lol
  2. not only me both of us who sign up will also get @dupeddonk Ruby metal Visa card on the way to me ..4 days ..it looks so cool bro !! a friend of mine has and i will have soon Tuesday:D
  3. @btcwallet01imagine GTR on black&green combo :D:D btw this merc is a beauty
  4. Share your dream car and some day you may have it ! You never know when the luck will find you and to have your dream car wont be a dream anymore ! As creator of this topic I will start with my favourite car. The 2020 GT-R Nismo price about $200k
  5. @Biancai am good .....thx for asking hello everyone and good luck in everything yous are up to !::D
  6. Well if the banks will not do it ...... every 4stars casino should apply my suggestion that can be found below And I believe that if a trading platform can issue Visa cards ...A casino will can do it too ! Good luck everyone!!!
  7. I know best of luck to you too ....I am out from casino now ..movie time :P..
  8. Hello and wish you all the best !
  9. kazzim


    @ghitagulaseverybody does .....and rain also ..but having both is madness ...having only one (rain) is impossible lol
  10. kazzim


    not bad idea ....... taking in consideration that I like Gulas Good thinking Felicitari
  11. I think is an excellent idea for stake originals !
  12. :))) ...my favorite is MUGLER MUGLER AMEN Metal Flask......damn ladys get dezzy when it feels it :)haha Guys you should try it ....
  13. @Bojana Thx very much for information ....I asked bcz I need to Tip some users from time to time ....otherwise they forget my very existence ....haha :))
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