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  1. Thats a cool idea ....would be nice !
  2. kazzim

    Raffle missing?

    same here perhaps will fix it soon
  3. @UldoozcffshmThat was my b-day cake on my 6th anniversary back in 2012 ....and my last b-day was in 2020 ...my next one is in 2024 ......bcz i was born on a leap year !! haha :)) and yeah Jack is my favourite drink !
  4. When you have the right people there to support you....."impossible" is just an opinion !
  5. I wish to see on stake Vault Deposits % Interest on any crypto . Available to claim weekly your % of income for holding crypto in your vault.
  6. Johnny English 1-2-3 ..Pink Panther 1-2 stand-up ...Will Smith and Kevin Hart There are lot more ....but those are fast suggestions ...i hope u'l enjoy them!!
  7. Watching stand-up comedy ...... or comedy movies
  8. I mostly think of positive thoughts like the ones below! What was the favourite part of my day. I picture the place that would make me happy to be at that moment Think about my girl and how to surprise her once again! Focusing on the next day plan to succeed whatever are the obstacles... And just before I sleep My Main Thinking is always a question : Am I proud of my last 24h behaviour ? That's all Thanks for this Topic ,...luv ya all
  9. CRO i find it with big potential ...will see later ! time will show
  10. Big Hello from me and my Girl ! love ya all
  11. sounds good ......best of luck wagering ....Good day stakers
  12. Stake is the biggest Investment ive ever done in my life ...i love stake
  13. new update will bring more giveaways i hope!
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