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  1. what do you mean nevana i am sad to be accused of not not, try to see my activities nevana every day playing promotions what i wrongly used nevana in the morning i can still chat suddenly i can no longer what is actually my fault nevana, it seems like this is unfair

    1. Nevena


      Hello again.

      As I said, you are muted because we found that you used multiple accounts on our site which is strictly forbidden. Some of your accounts are muted already for abusing our promotions.Β 

      You can use our site to play, but unfortunately, you can't use chat anymore.Β 

      Best regards.Β 

    2. Zulfirman


      my dear nevana is this the one and only way you do, can't I scuff as usual am I not forgiving but I am not there

  2. Just a little reminder, plagiarism and copy-pasting from articles/magazines/other sources is not allowed. Your post will be hidden and you won't be eligible for the prize. You need to came up with your own idea, your own story. Good luck.
  3. Hello there. For all of the information, you need to contact our Live Support. They will help you with your problem. Best regards.
  4. πŸ“°NewspapersπŸ“° Hello guys! For this week's Forum Challenge, we will write some stories for the Newspapers! We all know that today's media, the latest technology and the Internet moslty, has replaced something that until a few years ago only existed in the paper version. It was once the most important source of information, which is still represented to this day, but unfortunately much less. I'd like you to write a story, an event, made up or that really happened, which you'd like it to be published in the papers. Put yourself in the role of journalist, d
  5. Hello there. You have been muted for 1 week. Unfortunately, your mute will remain. Please, check out our chat rules again. Complaining about: tips & rains - is strictly forbidden. Hope that this situation won't happen ever again. We are sorry if we offended you with our behavior. I will close now this topic and it will be locked. For more information, you can contact our Support team again. Have a wonderful day.
  6. You can claim prizes on the link below until the 15th of September: CLAIM HERE Make sure you are logged in into the proper account Congrats to the 21 winners!
  7. Hello there. Welcome to Stake! Hope you enjoy in our beautiful community and in our games as well! If you want to join us on chat you will need to wager at least $500 (in BTC - 0.043). Good luck and have a nice day!
  8. Of course, you can, the problem is only with the chat. Good luck.
  9. Hello there. We are having some technical issues regarding the chat function. Hopefully, it will be solved soon. Thank you for your patience. Have a nice day.
  10. ✨Desires and reality✨ Hello guys! 😊 As you already know, the discord channel has been shut down, but we wanted to continue our work, and we will do it here on the Forum. For this week's challenge, we will talk about our desires and our reality. Our thought are often focused on some great and perhaps unattainable things. We often have some desires that are difficult to achieve, but those are desires that lead our lives in certain directions. I would like to read your answers for the following questions: Do your actions align with your true desire? What
  11. Hi why you warning me?

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    2. RocketPower


      How to recover and close this? because its seems i cant have both (bussiness account and personal account)

    3. RocketPower


      Hey please answer me!

    4. Nevena


      Hello again. :)

      As I said, advertising other sites is not allowed on Forum. I don't have that information that you have made some deal with us. Your account from which you did advertise will stay banned. You can only use this accountΒ for Forum, but you can't make another account or to advertise again that site. Please, be careful next time.Β 

      Have a nice day. :)

  12. Control the Mines! Hello Stakers! Here we go with another Mines challenge! Challenge: You have 3 hours to hit all the shapes as on the pictures bellow. There must be 7 mines in each shape to complete the challenge. Yo
  13. Hello. I just wanted to add that 1 person will get 0.1 LTC, completing the challenge with a minimum bet, and 1 person who done it without minimum bet will win 0.03 LTC. Thank you.
  14. Diamond countingπŸ’­ Hello Stakers! Today, we are playing Mines and we are counting diamonds! Challenge: You have 3 hours to hit all the shapes as on the pictures bellow. ⬇️ There must be 7 mines in each shape to complete the challenge. I have another task for you that also needs to be solved in order to meet all the requirements. The task is: (1+2)*3+(6*9)-(8/4)+5-7-50 = ? You can roll them in any order, and bets do not have to be consecutive. Also, you can change the seeds in between if you want. Requirements: Minimum bet:
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