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  1. but those rules are applied to other countrys chats. This should be applyed to channels that have this spam problem. This wager for other countrys, it s kind high
  2. I understand that the attempt is to reduce spam in the chat when rain occurs, but when you place a limit based on a currency different from that of our country, it is very difficult for us users to achieve the minimum goal. There are other ways for you to reduce spam, such as: giving rain to users who spoke 10 minutes ago. It is also possible to give rain to users who are placing bets up to 30 seconds before the rain, making speech in the chat not a criterion for receiving rain. I try to speak to support, but the only thing they say is "this is the rules". Like it wasn´t the site that made the rules. We are being secluded and harmed when we were suposed to be celebrating Stake birthday. I´m really feeling bad for me and for my fellow countryman.
  3. jucabal1984

    Limbo 2020

    I had good wins in limbo. Try to change the seed when that happens.
  4. The highest I got was x36k when I was hunting x15k . In reality I lost 10k in the proccess.
  5. I good scammed in 2018 with a site like that. I don´t pretend to give money to scammers ever again...
  6. huge amount of transactions with btc it´s not the best way to exchange coins. I use only the platforms to exchange to and from btc to other coins.
  7. I never invest in strange altcoins again. The chance to lose everything is to high.... alread lost what I couldn´t lost....
  8. Se same problem would be if someone use 20 btcs to by a house today, and in 2 years, 5 btcs would be enough to by the same house. It´s kind unrealistic try to compare the value of the coin in different times like that....
  9. I don´t try to invest anymore....to much loss...
  10. Bitcoin would be like gold. Not used to trade, but have it´s value. Small value and faster coins would be used more for trading.
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