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  1. user jucabal1984 Congratz stake 😃 BLUE
  2. jucabal1984

    Limbo 2020

    I had good wins in limbo. Try to change the seed when that happens.
  3. The highest I got was x36k when I was hunting x15k . In reality I lost 10k in the proccess.
  4. I think the highest I got so far was x34. I love the game, but I always bust in it =(.
  5. I good scammed in 2018 with a site like that. I don´t pretend to give money to scammers ever again...
  6. huge amount of transactions with btc it´s not the best way to exchange coins. I use only the platforms to exchange to and from btc to other coins.
  7. I never invest in strange altcoins again. The chance to lose everything is to high.... alread lost what I couldn´t lost....
  8. Se same problem would be if someone use 20 btcs to by a house today, and in 2 years, 5 btcs would be enough to by the same house. It´s kind unrealistic try to compare the value of the coin in different times like that....
  9. I don´t try to invest anymore....to much loss...
  10. Bitcoin would be like gold. Not used to trade, but have it´s value. Small value and faster coins would be used more for trading.