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  1. for me, its Pure Luck Since you are able to get higher value than 21 so, for example, your enemy actually have a 20 and you have 19, if you are about to hit.. then you lose because you will get higher value.. since you cant actually see through enemies card.. this is not a 100% pure luck for me.. it could be 1 its a mindset for people... Remember.. Play Smarter
  2. I have watched anime alot of times.. a weeb is right infront of you..
  3. Since i can't go out from my house.. i play games like ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons) but mostly, gamers plays PVP such as Fortnite (Dead) and COD. I have played PVP games and they are so fun to play with because they have the thrill.. and you have to will to win like you.. will to win in gambling.. and the one last thing that i liked is RPG. so you see, Zelda is one of the best games in E3 and they are releasing another one which is part 2 of the Zelda 2020.. and since lockdown, my friends who are not able to hangout with friends is now a gamer.. they play games such as Lol, CSGO, and others so.. whats yours?
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