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  1. it's very nice idea We Polish People we want to have Polish Chat at stake Greatings from Poland
  2. hey my stake id: " Wiliamkuba "
  3. My stake id "Wiliamkuba" Silver
  4. My stake id sir; "Wiliamkuba"
  5. my favourit actor Arnold Szwarceneger
  6. who knows how to win almost every day, the truth is that I do not know if there is such a system at all, but I am a man who does not lose hope that there is some way to do nothing to win and not go to another job hahah all this, thank you for your attention and good luck in your life if u know just help me and pm me plz haha I know it sounds funny, but I often thought about it
  7. stake is the best from all
  8. why im with stake couse is that very very very amazing Crypto Casino in the world for big win bigesst than mount everest is and for have fun i do love gammbling on keno in stake
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