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  1. Would it be better to have a +/- button under the betting area? Every time when I want to remove a chip I ended up adding one lol
  2. What opinions do you guys have on bitcoin split? I though it would hold the prize of bitcoin a little steady but it turns out not. Does anyone have any analysis on that?
  3. As long as I am getting more profit more than 80% win in dice, it is okay for me
  4. Sounds like martingale to me
  5. This pattern does give you a high earning if you are not playing with one bomb
  6. lost all of my faucets multiple times already lol
  7. Always cash out when I see 5~9, so not big


    10~50% capital 3mines 1~3hits then cashout


    I'm new to stakes and would like to.... Well everyone knows what a gambler want right ?
  10. This is a good strategy, I use it too lol
  11. Never got that luck for me though lol
  12. As long as you withdraw with profit it is ok
  13. Better than PD, at least I found a way to win more comfortably.