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  1. Limbo is the game where I made the most profit I think.
  2. Attack on titan the best anime ever :DDD Season 4 incoming in 2 months
  3. Personnaly, I play limbo/dice with somes little strat like 1.25x on limbo and increase a little bit on lose. When I starting losing or even winning I change the game
  4. I thanks @GKD09, he really helped me to understand a lot of things, big thanks to him
  5. I just take 3 weeks for bronze lmao, so plat for me will be impossible x)
  6. I always change seed when I have a nice amount of wins.
  7. My best strat is to go 1.25x on limbo and increase a little bit on each lose, never lost like that
  8. Thanks for sharing it, it's very interesting :DDD
  9. Attack on titan :DDD My favorite anime ever. The season 4 will be release in 2 months
  10. I love dice when I win x) I hate dice when I lose lmao