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  1. kapokala Teal My new artwork I did related to new Stake brand ambassadors 👇☺️
  2. Kapokala


    Covid fucked up everyone and it won't last too long.
  3. kapokala Phlox Fat L today
  4. why u betting on Cloud9 mate... That's a loss
  5. Welcome boyzzzzzzzzzzz! 🏆 Trophy for myself, cause I'm the King! 1️⃣ 👉 So. First of all, I want u guys to not tail the bet and bet as parlay without covering the outcome with single bets. So the best thing u can do, is bet same stake on all matches + combo them all in one parlay for combo win, ofc if it hits. ‼️‼️ 🔥 Right below I will show u 2 diffrent parlays, this one with lower odds value is the one I would bet 4x what I bet on the more risky one, so just keep that in mind. 🔥 The easier one to hit with x15 odds and here is the risky one, but actually it is as pro
  6. Yessssss boys! ‼️ 👉 KAPOKALA IS BACK WITH ANOTHER PROFITABLE PREDICTIONS FOR THE BOYS! 👈 1️⃣ Faze Clan vs Ninjas In Pyjamas - Over 2.5 maps 2️⃣ G2 Esports (-1.5 MAP handicap) 3️⃣ Team Vitality ML or even u can bet them to win 2:0 if u want to risk a little bit more! All in parlay, money has never been easier to make than today! 🔥🔥🔥 💰 Secure the bag boys 💰 🤑 Greenness and the winning coupons! 🤑 kapokala
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