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  1. Not a day I wanted to see. Since IEM we are still Up couple units, but definitly today was the worst one. Incredible tournament with both CIS teams in finals. 🔥🔥🔥 Gambit vs Virtus. Pro 🔥🔥🔥 Tomorrow
  2. Tere hommikust ✋ Here, again, with new predictions for IEM KATOWICE 2021. Yesterday we hit quick double parlay with x6 odds. Can't complain, profit from yesterday will cover me whole bets for the next week! ✅🔥🔥🔥 Spirit vs Gambit Esports - I'm all the way on Spirit in this match. They've been having great performance so far, with 8 wins streak ahead (like a top1 team). According to the map pool they play I can tell, they always ban 2 maps that are played really well by gambit, Vertigo and Inferno. Gambit has no respononse to this, bcs either if they ban Nuke, it won't re
  3. Virtus Pro 2:1 ✅ Great day, we cashing X6 parlay odds 🤯💰💰 I will see you all tomorrow with new pack of great bets!
  4. So far so good. Gambit Has 1:0 lead, we are looking for this fat W Quick 2:0 for Gambit. 🤯 X2.6 odds secured ✅✅✅🔥🔥🔥 We going big tonight, waiting for Virtus to win!
  5. Hallå! ✋ 🔥 We've been waiting for this day 120 hours, 7200 minutes, 432 200 seconds! 🔥 It's been a long time, but we are finally here, again with top of the top predictions for the day of CS history! 🏆 1️⃣ So. We are starting off with the Gambit vs Navi. Not a tough match at all, I'm not betting on maps in this match, bcs I know it's gonna be tough. Both teams are incredible talented. Gambit has great aim players, BUT actually Navi has great IGL, that has some days on and off. I checked stats on Faceit for Navi players, and it looks worse. The best one in the team, named
  6. Wisła Kraków ✅ Ago ❌ (16:14 on last map, that's really unfortunate)
  7. Yo guys 💹 Kapokala here, the Man who wins thousands of $ everyday on CSGO bets Today I Want to share only 2 bets for you all! Quick double in parlay! 💰 🔥 Ago vs LDLC - Ago ML winner 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 Wisła Kraków vs SAW - Wisła Kraków ML winner 🔥🔥🔥(Great odds, 2.55) Total odds 4.23 in total 💰 Secure the bag boys 💰 🤑 Greenness and the winning coupons! 🤑 kapokala
  8. Not a great day, we finishing the day with a loss. Still fine, but it could be much better for sure
  9. Nemiga ML ✅ X1.73 Trident Clan x1.54 ✅ Grond bet X2.55 ❌ (1:2 score) Ambush +1.5 handicap ❌ x1.64 (Terrible performance) Copenhagen is currently leading 1:0 Havu gaming is currently leading 1:0 Seems like the big parlay for Havu and Nemiga will be a W 🔥 and also copenhagen with x2.6 should be secured as well. We might finish the day with big profit, Just like yesterday! 🤯🥳🥳🥳
  10. Nemiga as big bet will recover all losses with havu, no worries. We are still in the game
  11. 🤑 The boys are back with another CSGO predictions post on Stake Forum 🤑 👉 Lower the bet value and don't take all the bets as parlay. Below I will let u know, what u should bet in parlay and single. 👈 ⚠️ Bet ID to copy (make sure to read everything below and don't bet all in one parlay): sport:7104916 The most obvious match winner for today: Ambush vs Ago - I should bet on Ago ML, but odds on ambush to win their map pick are wayyy too big. Ago changed the whole roaster last month, they are trying so hard to comeabck to tier1 scene, but it isn't working really
  12. Virtus pro ML x1.5 ✅ Team Liquid ✅✅✅ We finishing great boys! I will see you all on monday! Have a great night ahead! 🙏🥳
  13. Fast bet: VIRTUS PRO ML win X1.5 Liquid ML x2.7 odds ☘️☘️☘️
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