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  1. har26

    I love Dice, do you?

    yeah dice is cool but i only prefer dice when i comes to wagering i'm more capable in it than playing with high payout in dice
  2. I'm still a newbie so i guess it would take some time to get me to plat but i'm hoping to get bronze by this month, so maybe i'll be plat, 3 years from now
  3. hmmm, i didn't use lucky charms while playing so i guess that's why i kept on lossing . I guess I'll gonna try to have some lucky charms then haha
  4. you can try limbo and try hunting big payouts risky but worth trying
  5. har26


    im not so fan in csgo but i do played it, i stopped because of pandemic.
  6. har26

    Mobile Games

    well if we talk about mobile games, i only played mobile legends XD
  7. so far the best game i ever played is Dota , but now i haven't played for almost a year or so
  8. Bad boys for life I still haven't watched this but this one is good to watch.
  9. har26

    Music chat room.

    yeah this would be great, i do love music
  10. i watched anime too, and i do love it on this lockdown i've watched one piece started on episode one im still at dressrosa arc though haha
  11. yeah this would be good if implemented. having beep of notif if someone tags you is great, and that stop button on chat would be nice too nice idea hope it can be implemented
  12. woah cool! this is great! i would to have one of this
  13. har26

    Favorite actors

    My favorite actor is Aamir Khan his movies are awesome xD. One of his movies is 3 idiots and do love watching it over and over must watch Gajini i love this one too.