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  1. BLACKJACK: 3,799,758,690 placed by eldrindcm on 18/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100 BLACKJACK: 3,799,882,537 placed by eldrindcm on 18/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  2. WHEEL: 3,799,709,494 placed by eldrindcm on 18/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 0.00001880 WHEEL: 3,799,709,795 placed by eldrindcm on 18/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 19.799999237060547x Profit 0.00001880 WHEEL: 3,799,718,575 placed by eldrindcm on 18/03/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 49.5x Profit 0.00004850
  3. There was a Marketplace section and it was remove and I'm 100% sure it won't be restored.
  4. Yes, the continuous sound is there but the bets are alright, it does make new bets. Are the bets does not finish in your case?
  5. Both manual and auto betting works fine on my side. Continuous bet on auto.
  6. Did you know, there is a hidden machine gun on Stake v2? What you need: Computer with properly working speakers Stake account What to do: Go to Limbo Make sure that the sound is enabled on settings Play manually Click "Bet" Immediately minimize the browser or switch tab On a serious note, the issue is that Limbo doesn't end a game when you switch tab or minimize the browser, be it on Manual or Auto bet. The same case for Plinko on v1, when autobetting, the balls are just stuck at the top of the pins, it won't fall down to the multipliers, but it was already fixed on the beta version. So maybe this issue on Limbo can also be fixed.
  7. When I first heard that Stake will be undergoing an update, I got really excited. Several thoughts ran through my mind — new design, new games, new currencies, etc. Finally, the wait is over! And after two weeks of testing the beta version, here is my little feedback. Technical Experience I have tried playing on two devices, laptop and Android phone, both using the latest version of Chrome browser. I haven't experienced any major technical difficulties with the beta version. I haven't experienced any lag in the past two weeks, I wonder how other players experience lag. The games are running very smooth, I have no complains, cards and tiles are being revealed faster compared to the version 1. Let's talk about the platform's design. The site is now "catchy" even just by looking at its outstanding user interface. It looks more minimalist than v1, colors became darker, the preview / widget / logo / images (whatever you call them ) of each game became smaller, which their movements have also improved compared to just moving up and down in v1. I also like the idea of sticking into the dark mode, a theme that everyone will appreciate, a shadowy shade that sets a beautiful trendy look (just like the new release of Huawei :D). The friendly live chat looks more neat as well! It is really great that the update isn't just focused on the looks of the site, but on its features as well. There are lots of features that has been improved or added that we, players, really need! First and what I (and for sure most players) consider as the greatest addition in the beta version is the Instant Bet, no need to wait for, for example, the Plinko ball to fall on its multiplier, the Wheel and Roulette wheels to stop, which saves time. It is also a big help for the junters (jackpot hunters 😂) the combination of instant bet and the Stop on Profit/Loss feature on automated betting, with the correct setup, we don't need to be looking at the monitor all the time and just leave the autobet running, as soon as the target has been hit (such as on Mines and Dice) or your loss has already reached its threshold , the autobet will automatically stops. I'm also grateful that the Hotkeys feature has been fixed as it wasn't that helpful on the previous version. I'm not a fan of the Max Bet Button but it might help on some circumstances (instead of clicking 2x several times or typing manually), good thing is that we have the option to disable it. I haven't encountered any major issues in terms of bet speed, functionalities or such, only small issues and some suggestions which I'll be discussing below. Reports, Bugs and Suggestions I haven't encountered bugs that much, most are already fixed immediately (kudos to the developers!) and some are reported already. Here are some of what I found: When playing Mines, manually, right after a bomb has been revealed and you immediately click the "Bet" button, the new game won't be shown and you'll receive this error: "You already have an open game of mines. Finish that one first before you start a new one." You need to close and re-open Mines to open the new game, which is not convenient. When tagging on chat, if you start with a capital letter, the list of usernames aren't being showed. Some words on chat are automatically converted to Bet IDs, such as "b3rt", it'll show as b: #3rt, and when the name of the games are followed by number, such as "Plinko 1000x", it'll be shown as plinko: #1,000x. If you click on, for example, 1/2 or 2x button then you press the space bar (Bet button on hotkeys), it'll click the 1/2 or 2x instead Limbo, be it on manual or automated betting, won't finish the current bet if you switch tab or minimize browser (I call its sound "The Hidden Machine Gun" 😂) Also, here are some of my suggestions that might be helpful for us players: Customized Hotkeys - let us decide what keyboard keys we want to use on the hotkeys Return the wagered and profit on live stats Live stats for each currency; live stats won't reset when currency has been switched Option to sort the bets history by game and better if option such as "multiplier is greater than" as well Option to "make the tip public" as default Disable zooming on mobile version Option to choose the starting card on HiLo Make the tiles on Mines smaller, it is much better if the whole interface of the game is shown without the need to scroll Same with the Wheel interface, the multipliers can't be seen without scrolling BRING BACK GARY!!!!! Overall Experience of the Version 2.0 Comparing my overall experience on original version of Stake to the new Beta version, the latter is far way better. With the design being simplified, games being revamped, the functionalities have been improved, and with the two new games, Limbo and Video Poker, the Beta version met my expectations. Let's talk about the new games! When it was announced that there will be new games to be launched on the update, you can see the excitement on the players. Limbo is like Chartbet without the chart, this is the only addition on Stake v2 that hasn't met my expectation, I got thrilled when I first saw its sneak peak, only to find out it's just another guessing the multiplier game, nonetheless it is a great choice to hunt for high multipliers. On the other hand, the other new game, the Video Poker, is my most favorite game in Beta. The revamped games are also far way better than they are on the original version. I'm really grateful that some features such as the instant bet have been added. I'll be talking about the comparison of the games in the original version versus the revamped games in the Beta version below. Stake v1 vs. Stake v2 Dice on Stake 1 vs. Dice on Stake v2 The interface is much improved on Stake v2, it doesn't occupy all space in the screen compared in v1. The showing of the previous five bets and the Stop on Profit/Loss are good additions. The speed of the bets haven't changed tho. HiLo on Stake 1 vs. HiLo on Stake v2 Most players are happy with the implementation of "skip card" feature during the game. Cards in v2 are now shown faster than it is on v1. As I also suggested above, it will also be better if we can choose the starting card. Automated betting (betting on specific pattern) will also be a good addition! Keno on Stake 1 vs. Keno on Stake v2 Having an option which risk to play on is what players prefer. I believe, the payout multipliers on v1 are not enough or very low, therefore adding three more levels of risk is a great move! Mines on Stake 1 vs. Mines on Stake v2 The interface of Mines on v1 fits the screen better than on v2, I hope that the size of the tiles on v2 can still be decreased. The dropdown (number of mines selector) is good on mobile version, while the buttons on v1 is better/looks more appealing on desktop version. The tiles are revealed faster on v2. Plinko on Stake 1 vs. Plinko on Stake v2 With the instant bet, Plinko on v2 is way better than on v1, no more waiting for the ball to fall. Previous four bets can now be seen on the interface, no need to go to the bet history. I also noticed that the balls on v2 are falling on the multipliers even you change tab or minimize the browser, if you do so in v1, all balls will just be stuck at the top of the pins. I'd love to have the 5000x back, an option to choose risk level (1000x or 5000x) will be great. Blackjack on Stake 1 vs. Blackjack on Stake v2 Nothing has changed that much, just the interface became smaller and cards are now revealed faster on v2. Roulette on Stake 1 vs. Roulette on Stake v2 The color combination of red and black on v2 is way better than the red and blue on v1, especially on a dark mode theme. And just like Plinko, no need to wait for the result when instant bet has been enabled. Wheel on Stake 1 vs. Wheel on Stake v2 The Wheel on v2 looks more lively than on v1. And just like Plinko and Roulette, with the instant bet, the results are now faster. Just decrease the size of the wheel so the multipliers can be seen without the need to scroll. Diamond Poker on Stake 1 vs. Diamond Poker on Stake v2 The colors of the diamonds are better on v2, nothing I can notice has changed that much. Baccarat on Stake 1 vs. Baccarat on Stake v2 The undo button on v2 makes it easier if you just want to remove some chips and not everything. Nothing has changed that much, the "Enable Squeeze" has been added but I still don't know what it really does And that's all! To sum everything up, with the new design, new and improved functionalities, with a little improvement (from our suggestions), Stake makes me Play Smarter on the version 2.0! Kudos to the whole Stake Team!
  8. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! IT IS SUPERB (esp if you're a fan of sci-fi) And season 2 is on its way
  9. The final part of the Stake v2 Genesis is up: Congrats to the 84 eligible users (including me, yay!)! We got two days to write our feedback. Best of luck!
  10. I actually like it, it gets more thrilling as the sound and multiplier goes higher. I even sing "Do Re Mi" when I play Mines 😂
  11. Stake respect the privacy of their players; they are trying to avoid people paying illegal rakeback to other players, normally people that is asking for the name of the players is because they are offering rakeback for playing under their referrals. This might help
  12. As far as I know, there is none. This is a known bug of your browser (not the website) since then which is until now not fixed. I have tried fixing this issue before (of course with my own website ), but failed. I'm just wondering, the mobile version of Stake is good, why not just use it?
  13. VIDEOPOKER: 3,620,105,394 placed by eldrindcm on 12/03/2019 Wagered 0.00001000 Multiplier 9x Profit 0.00008000 14/14 completed! Yaasss! Ready for the last day