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  1. iswarahadi

    Gennady12 Stream #1 Gambling and Giveaways

    Good luck. Stake nama : iswarahadi
  2. iswarahadi

    Coin News Telegraph | Bitcoin and Blockchain News

    Thanks info
  3. iswarahadi

    Unofficial March Fantasy Trade Calculations

    Thanks @sloj.. Ouch rank 91
  4. iswarahadi

    Strategy for hitting 1000x plinko

  5. iswarahadi

    Strategy for hitting 1000x plinko

    I try...thanks
  6. iswarahadi

    Stake Balance

    Cara dapetin satoshi di forum stake gmn sih?
  7. iswarahadi

    Hacker Returns 30,000 ETH to CoinDash

    Wow...rich hacker
  8. iswarahadi

    Unofficial February Fantasy Trade Calculations

    Ouch sad. I down 1 rank...
  9. iswarahadi

    My Strategy Auto Dice

    5x roll not find green bet. 5x roll again and again finish u find green bet and reset your bet to 50 satoshi
  10. iswarahadi

    Fun Filipino Stream💗

    Good luck Stake name : iswarahadi
  11. iswarahadi

    My Strategy Auto Dice

    Choose : under 1 / over 99 ( PO 99x ) Start bet : 50 satoshi (0.00000050) On Lose Incres : 2% Number Of Game : 5 ( keep going until it finds green bet ) Finds green bet set BB back to 50 satoshi (0.00000050) Min risk but back to your lucky and your balance Good luck
  12. code: Nano invested: $35,000 code: ETH invested: $20,000 code: GAS invested: $15,000 code: NEO invested: $20,000 code: RDD invested: $10,000
  13. Stake name : iswarahadi Good luck