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  1. Amanda88

    Hey all

    Congrats on your new position. I am still pretty new on here my good friend got me started playing. I really enjoy playing (I'm kinda addicted lol) but I always have questions and there's still plenty I dont know or understand and I get frustrated and wont play for a minute. I know i could do better if i knew more. I'm learning cryptocurrency as I'm learning this casino.
  2. Personally I pray alot. It seems the more i pray the better i do. And the days or times I dont pray while playing I dont do very well and I bust real quick
  3. I really like this idea even if it is farfetched that I would actually win it. It's something I could actually have a chance at getting
  4. Hello welcome to stake but I'm also new lol I really enjoy it though it's easy to get into and lose all track of time
  5. Hey I'm also new to stake and I'm halfway to bronze and im very new to cryptocurrency as well im learning it as im learning stake but it seems the more I play the more I understand and the better I get and the faster I move up im really trying to reach bronze maybe you could help me to understand how moving up works
  6. I am glad to finally be reading this I have been trying for some time to join and I've watched it several times and never get anything and I've gotten irritated with it and even stopped trying and lost interest Ifeel this is something we should be told upon joining
  7. I dont pay enough attention to know if its rigged but I do know I've never caught anything in any giveaway or from rain
  8. I also haven't been here for very long. Some days I hit really good but it only when I'm betting very low. But I really like stake. I dont talk in chat much but when i do the ppl are pretty welcoming
  9. I dont like mines if I play more than 5 mines I dont hit shit I dont like mines if I play more than 5 mines I dont hit shit
  10. No probably not if I won 7 I'd keep trying