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  1. Yes ofcourse.. Love all of them
  2. Raikage


    Yes, top 20 is not that hard..depends, but top 15 is what u need to really put an effort and alot of money
  3. Nice advice.. I wish i read this beafore when i was new..lol
  4. Stake support is 2nd to NONE
  5. Hope Nature recovers well, because when this over, no one would care again and simply go back to the norm
  6. In my opinion, Stake Support is indeed 2nd to NONE. Others can copy the site, its privilages, offers but never the support team
  7. It will be a new upgrade..more options is always better
  8. Nice to see you here in the community @pasolone Hope you are enjoying and winning
  9. Raikage

    528 BD

    Can the win be inside the free spin Example: in 10 free spins, 1 generated a win of 40x..will that count
  10. HILO: 27,664,070,910 placed by Raikage on 12/08/2020 Wagered 0.00000220 Multiplier 211.805x Profit 0.00046377
  11. Well, i was also playing earlier, and i think Stake gave a heads up..i saw a notification around 30mins-1hr that there will be a maintenance
  12. Raikage


    Hi! Welcome to Stake Community Enjou and Have Fun
  13. i hope @Dusan could enlighten me on the result of the last Sports Promotion "$1500 Multi Master Tier" As i read, it says on How to Enter Respond to the topic with "SPORTS BET ID" "AND" " a ScreenShot of your bet" Here's the list of WINNERs How did PORTOBELLO won? It is very clear that he only posted his bet ID **should have been not a valid entry like the rest of the ones who only posted sports bet ID. It is clear that the HOW TO ENTER Rule is posted and should have been followed to qualify No Offense Porto, this is not on u bro..