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  1. pls what decision of this topic ???
  2. afree with u on verificaion so steve pls add vip only + verification + 2k wager weekly min
  3. alot of votes is fake ... agree with u hope to steve know that
  4. You must know that all those who voted "no" want to not take any chances or play, they are just here for this bonus. They are stealing our effort We who play lose, win, risk and get tired, we are the ones who deserve this code You must make this code like Telegram code how u give this codes to that players that have scamm accounts .. alot of players make account to steal this codes These people should not be equal to us I think it's fair to make 2k or 3k wager min for this codes I swear they're fighting to make codes stay the same , So that they can deceive you and get free money without any risk and withdraw it this is called theft also i swear that more fake accounts Done today Just to vote no And they make the value of voting No more than Yes steve remember every satueday on stream u pay more 20k bonuses in the wrong place For people who don't deserve it
  5. only u want to get free money and play with it but never u deposit never u risk then why u get codes?? now it is fair to not get any codes ... steve pls put at least 1 k or 2k wagered required for this codes.
  6. no .. bonus code only new users get it that not play not deposit not risk then why they can get it i think that 1k wagered in minimum is so nice
  7. drop for vip only and wager required it is so nice idea 2k wager last 7 days Steve This is a very correct step It must be done Why If we look, we will find that many accounts are made only for this bonus Many people who take this bonus do not deserve it Because they don't play There are no activities in their accounts and we can't take it even though we play too much This is fair that wager requierd
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