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  1. I like homemade food, esp I like different salads and pasta
  2. I watch a lot of movies on Netflix. I started using vpn https://veepn.com/unblock-netflix/ to get access to the us content. That's convy. Now I can watch my favorite tv shows without any restrictions from every corner of the globe.
  3. denj

    Mobile Games

    I often play easy light games like Candy Crash or Clash of Clans, they are quite entertaining
  4. Invisible man (2020] 5/10 Having heard good things about this I was looking forward to seeing this. Unfortunately it disappointed me, the actors didn't make me feel for any of them & the plot just didn't flow. Nothing was explained as to how or why things happened or what to back story was.
  5. Hard to choose only one. I like gambling from time to time and I have found Jajan Togel Online recently. I heard many positive reviews about this lottery so I decide to give it a try too. Never thought it could be so entertaning. Hope one day I'll win a jackpot.
  6. I play from time to time, quite entertaining game to kill some time..