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  1. browsing the forum dude, just browsing the forum i found this..
  2. tbh, tbh and again tbh, no cashless might be the biggest problem of our future society. as i was saying before, maybe at the begging of bitcoin since a half a year ago, i was a believer. i belived that bitcoin may change the world, but after a few bad experiences with bitcoin and cashless debit cards i have decide that this is useless and there is no use of not having cash i don't know if you will get my point as i am not the best writer in the world to express my ideas. i am in the bitcoin network for 7 yearrs and i sold all my bitcoins at 3k$. Maybe it is a loss, but i don't see it this way. People should never believe what is on the network or what they can not see in their face as cash or gold. You'll never know what may happen and you might easily lose everything your having. So again i am saying, go go for cash, the world should be afraid of network money, meanwhile i am still here writing my non-senses ideas....
  3. lol boring life? it might be since all you do is watching series and wrting an introduction to stake lol mine is even more boring since i am replying to your introduction
  4. Is there any list where we can check a top of active users on the forum? I tried to take a look, but can't find anything..
  5. In 3 mines..hmm that's not so hard, you could just go all in on 2x bet and that's it, but yeah it happens, life sucks