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  1. code: BTC invested: $50,000 ----- code: ETH invested: $10,000 ----- code: STRAT invested: $5,000 ----- code: REC invested: $5,000 ----- code: SYS invested: $5,000 ----- code: XRP invested: $5,000 ----- code: LTC invested: $5,000 ----- code: BCC invested: $5,000 ----- code: DCR invested: $5,000 ----- code: MTL invested: $5,000
  2. zale023

    Last letter game!!

  3. zale023

    Last letter game!!

  4. zale023

    how did you first hear about bitcoin?

    A friend of mine referred me to play on Primedice and that's the first time I encounter bitcoins. From then on I start to research and visit relevant sites that has information on cryptos.
  5. zale023

    [0.01 BTC] First 100 people with 1,000 posts

    This will be a very long giveaway Enjoy the forum guys! Thanks @Edward for this giveaway
  6. zale023

    23 Mines Landed All Crystals

    Haxxor confirmed! That's amazing senpai @ccc222
  7. zale023

    Levels to BTC! Free BTC for Stake Users!

    Username: zale023 Level: 10
  8. zale023

    All in

    You just accidentally won too Congratulations! The odds are on your favor!
  9. zale023

    24 mines with 32k bet!

    I was there but you didn't noticed me She sure is! She's a real gambler
  10. zale023

    hello The stake is the only Korean.!!

    He probably belongs to South Korea since North Korea citizens doesn't have an access to internet. Welcome @what90! Good luck and have fun!
  11. zale023

    Bonus Faucet

    Nice. This explains why I always get +1 satoshi whenever I claim faucet. I think this occurred 2 weeks ago.
  12. zale023

    24 mines with 32k bet!

    Wow good win @xtinepink! Congratulations pinkytot!
  13. zale023

    Snike, from faucet to 0 in a minute

    Hey @Snike! Welcome to Stake Forum! Keep it up and learn to withdraw if you've got enough profit
  14. zale023

    ano ang dice bot

    Download mo ito: https://bot.seuntjie.com https://forum.primedice.com/topic/4-dicebot-the-most-awesomest-betting-bot-for-bitcoin-dice-games/?tab=comments#comment-7 https://forum.primedice.com/topic/26379-howto-dicebot-for-first-time-user/?tab=comments#comment-120915 Basahin mo lahat. Relevant topics yan about dicebot.
  15. zale023

    Dota 2

    Hey all! Calling for all Dota 2 players and enthusiasts! Let's talk about Dota 2 here! How long have you been playing this game? What is your current MMR right now? What is your role? Do you prefer ranked game, normal game or the other games? Do you prefer to play solo or with team?