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  1. zale023

    Dota 2

    Hey all! Calling for all Dota 2 players and enthusiasts! Let's talk about Dota 2 here! How long have you been playing this game? What is your current MMR right now? What is your role? Do you prefer ranked game, normal game or the other games? Do you prefer to play solo or with team?
  2. I'm still learning baccarat. This card game is really confusing so I just do random bet on player and banker. Sometimes i bet for the three choices. Thanks!
  3. Haven't deposited here though to explore more. BTC price is really hot and can't affort to gamble for now. Good thing, just always keep your cool.
  4. Yeah you've wagered some already I was just lurking on chat. I've observed the game and tried it but it's just really hard to hit the very ends of the sides.
  5. Hey guys! There are lots of games to play with stake.com. I've tried to play all and there are some of the games that really attracts me the most. I've played more on Dice, Keno, DiamondPoker, Mines, and Hilo. So that's a total of 5 games.