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  1. 47% for Bronze, I have been registered in stake since 1/14/2020, since a few days if I have been making stronger bets and I hope to reach Bronze soon
  2. the bet on a number is paid 35:1 on many roulette wheels.
  3. I have only commented on the failure here in the forum with the intention of seeing if it happened to someone else and being able to find a solution. In my internet configuration I change the dns to enter stake, I don't know if that has something to do with the failure I am having. I will show you some screenshots so that you can see in detail what I am trying to explain. In the capture that I share below you can see the amount of bet in 0.00000163, when the automatic bets work as it should that amount returns to 0.00000100 according to the configuration that I have. The capture that I share below is from my betting history, you can see that there is a streak of 15 losses and the winning play had not yet come out and it stopped even though my balance allowed me to bear more losses. The capture that I share below is of the configuration I had for automatic bets, you can also see the balance that I had, the third condition of my configuration says that automatic bets must stop when a balance equal to or greater than 0.158 is reached ltc and it didn't happen like that. All this that I explained happened to me with small bets but I start to think if it happens with large bets to do, that is, if stake recognizes what was lost or if it simply touches to accept that the balance was lost as when a very long streak of losses or very large amounts are wagered in relation to our balance.
  4. When I play automatically it has happened to me that the bets stop before reaching the established limit, I would like to know if it happens to someone else and if there is a solution for that.
  5. I also consider that the chat can be a distraction when betting especially with manual bets that require more concentration, betting manual if I keep the chat closed and thus I concentrate 100% on the game and when I configure an automatic strategy if I pass a time for the chat to say hello and talk with friends.
  6. I think I remember that when you are new they ask you to have bet 100 usd to use the chat.
  7. I am not a vip user but I will give my opinion regarding telegram, I think it does not make much sense to censor the word telegram in the chat because as we know stake says that one of the benefits of being a vip is having access to a telegram channel, also telegram It is a messaging application that in my opinion has many good things and it is not a casino that can compete with them.
  8. Personally, I find the light background better because I find it easier to read black letters on a light background than to read white letters in dark mode.
  9. I said that I do not do it because I think that the amount bet does not say if you have a lot of money or little because there are exclusive strategies to accumulate amount bet but I like to see what people think
  10. I have seen that there are users who hide the bet in their statistics, I think that what is played does not say if in your account you have a lot of money or you have little because there are exclusive strategies to accumulate the amount bet and thus obtain benefits such as raising the VIP level or winning a race, For what has been said before I do not hide mine, I do not care that others see how much I have bet but if it makes me curious why hide that.
  11. If I have to choose, I stick with casino games because I have more experience in that than with sports betting.
  12. In this answer of my topic I want to attach a screenshot of mine that comes from another casino where I played and in which I did not continue playing because I closed, the image has an edit, delete the name of the token so that the casino was not too obvious where the screenshot was taken, I only share it for illustrative purposes. if the moderators of the forum consider that I should not post this delete this answer.
  13. I already knew that there are mirror sites to access stake, I have used them on my cell phone but I still see the usefulness of the DNS change for example to enter this forum that in my country is blocked and as far as I know there is no mirror site.
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