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  1. In video games there is something known as speedrun which consists of playing a video game as quickly as possible and there are websites dedicated to showing leaderboards with the best times in different categories that a video game can have, later I will go into detail with the categories. Many people who like video games are happy if we manage to pass them, personally I enjoy watching the speedrun of GTA San Andreas, I am surprised by the ability that some players have to pass the video game as quickly as possible. the speedruners to pass the games quickly, use glitches that have t
  2. I would like stake to have its own currency that can be claimed from time to time and also a store where you can make purchases with the token, the cheapest items can be to have vip at any of its levels for a certain time and the most expensive can be physical prizes such as ledger, iphone, macbook and that we have the option of receiving the prize at our home or receiving the value of the prize in btc. I will leave some suggestions that I think may be useful to avoid abuse of bots. 1. the token can only be used to play casino games. 2. claims every 2 minutes and that a captcha
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