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    danieleche reacted to Laney0525 in Real Life Pictures   
  2. Litecoin
    danieleche reacted to Locogambler in How to enter a Stake if it is blocked in your country   
    Express vpn but thanks for the info 
  3. Litecoin
    danieleche reacted to Ordic37 in why hide the stakes in the statistics   
    maybe for them it seems private and they don't want to show it
  4. Litecoin
    danieleche reacted to JacksonPalmer in why hide the stakes in the statistics   
    I think the only reason why that feature existed in the first place, was to hide yourself from beggars in DMs. But since DMs got removed the feature is kinda useless tbh.
  5. Love
    danieleche reacted to kazzim in The next improvement for Stake Business   
    I believe that the near future update in Stake's Marketing Business should be the issuing of Visa Card .
    Where Stake users have the possibility to Load Their own Stake Visa Cards instantly and directly from Stake wallets without fees.
    Fees are only applied when Users are spending their funds  using Stake Visa Card .
    Stake users are able to:
    Reserve and manage your Visa Card on Stake website.
    Top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Stake Wallet, or credit/debit card .
    ATM withdrawals.
    And shop online worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.
    Cash back every time Visa Card is used .
    Feel free to comment your opinion about My Suggestion!

  6. Ethereum
    danieleche reacted to seboafc in How to enter a Stake if it is blocked in your country   
    ok, just at stake we can use vpn ... but personally, it is definitely a better option to change DNS than vpn in my opinion. Not everyone has a premium VPN, and the free versions aren't perfect
  7. Bitcoin
    danieleche got a reaction from seboafc in How to enter a Stake if it is blocked in your country   
    I already knew that there are mirror sites to access stake, I have used them on my cell phone but I still see the usefulness of the DNS change for example to enter this forum that in my country is blocked and as far as I know there is no mirror site.
  8. Ethereum
    danieleche reacted to mrtran in New member   
    Hello guys! I am new member! Nice meet to guys! I hope will luck!
  9. Litecoin
    danieleche reacted to seboafc in How to enter a Stake if it is blocked in your country   
    Yes, I know ... this way, also at least in Poland ... we can ... give dns: and but I think it is best to use the sites that the stake has prepared for people who have a problem with accessing the site


    For an up to date list of all active mirrors you can check


    Good.Luck,have great weekend ALL StakerS🥰😍😇

    by the way, you explained everything well, thanks ... and a really great job @danieleche
  10. Litecoin
    danieleche got a reaction from seboafc in How to enter a Stake if it is blocked in your country   
    There are some countries where access to Stake may be blocked, for example in my country, which is Colombia, access to Stake is blocked and also other betting sites since the government here gave the order to the service providers of internet blocking access to many gambling sites.
    When an internet service provider blocks access to a web page they do it through DNS, we normally use the ones provided by our internet service provider and if it blocks access to a web page we cannot access it, then I will teach them to change them.
    I will use screenshots of my pc to explain to you, the language that my windows 10 has is Spanish because as I said I am from Colombia and that is the official language here but I will try to explain as best as possible for everyone.

    After following the previous steps, a window will open in which we must choose if we are going to change the DNS in a wired connection that would be the first or a wireless connection that would be the third, this can be seen in the shared image below.

    I will do the DNS configuration in a wireless network, if they also use a wireless network they also do it and if it is by cable they do it there.

    In the last image that I share below I show the final step to configure a DNS that is not from our internet service provider, as the image indicates it is from google and it is very good.

    Changing the dns not only allows access to blocked web pages in our country, it can also improve our internet connection, you can write any question.
  11. Love
    danieleche reacted to preschoolarts in Exchange crypto's   
    I wish we were able to trade out our cryptos for different ones for example if I had some bitcoin cash but also had lite coin in my account instead of doing 2 different withdraws I should just be able to merge them together and to make it fair it would merge to whichever crypto has the higher minimum withdraw and higher fee 
  12. Love
    danieleche reacted to Paigeturner in Real Life Pictures   
    Thought I'd post a no makeup pic for all those who think less is more.

  13. Love
    danieleche reacted to KinAniK in Real Life Pictures   
    beautiful with sexy look 😍
  14. Thanks
    danieleche reacted to Tristan in Speedrun in video games   
    While i personally dont speedrun games, i absolutely love watching and getting involved with AGDQ. Their blindfolded, metroid and indie speedruns are absolutely amazing and so incredibly entertaining to watch.
  15. Thanks
    danieleche got a reaction from Minaa in Which offline PC game is your favorite? 🤖🐱‍🏍🤹‍♀️🐱‍👤   
    My favorite video game is GTA San Andreas, since I was a child I play it
  16. Haha
    danieleche got a reaction from FerchoWolf in token and store in stake   
    I would like stake to have its own currency that can be claimed from time to time and also a store where you can make purchases with the token, the cheapest items can be to have vip at any of its levels for a certain time and the most expensive can be physical prizes such as ledger, iphone, macbook and that we have the option of receiving the prize at our home or receiving the value of the prize in btc.
    I will leave some suggestions that I think may be useful to avoid abuse of bots.
    1. the token can only be used to play casino games.
    2. claims every 2 minutes and that a captcha is required to be completed.
    3.  claim only if balance is 0.
    4. the game I know best is the dice and I recommend that playing with the token the highest multiplier is x99.
    I only recommend a limit for the dice game because it is what I play the most in the casino and what I know best, but if you consider that you should put some limit on other games, you can suggest it.
    Also if you have other suggestions you can write them.
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