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  1. ...Amazing city...The city of my dream where you should buy a cup of coffee with croissant
  2. I'm a big fan of Hungary. Good prices. Nice views. Amazing vibe
  3. As for me the best way is to turn on 'ignore' option in your mind. And everything will be fine
  4. For sure, I'm have an addiction with my favorite junk food hah
  5. Want to visit Munchen as soon as possible
  6. not bad , but I think it needs more full colors
  7. As for me sometimes it really works. But it's not a good startegy for all games
  8. Sure. I'm still a big fan of Naruto.
  9. Mulan... still waiting for this release
  10. No.... I think that in my country it's smth lika an impossible thing for involving.
  11. You should choose the best time. Sometimes it works if you has a little pause betwwen activities.
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