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  2. ...Amazing city...The city of my dream where you should buy a cup of coffee with croissant
  3. I'm a big fan of Hungary. Good prices. Nice views. Amazing vibe
  4. I hope that it's possible
  5. As for me the best way is to turn on 'ignore' option in your mind. And everything will be fine
  6. For sure, I'm have an addiction with my favorite junk food hah
  7. Want to visit Munchen as soon as possible
  8. not bad , but I think it needs more full colors
  9. Simpsons one of the best thing which was created on a worldwide area😄prognosticators of 21 century
  10. when your status is 'Noob' 😄
  11. As for me sometimes it really works. But it's not a good startegy for all games
  12. Food (I mean unique product which you can buy only in this country) - is my tipical suveniar for all my friends and family. As for me it's better to present national food then present woolen socks which you can buy everywhere
  13. Estonia, Latvia, Finland. Prefer countries with optimal temperature. It's more comfartable for travelling.