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  1. another thing came into mind to make Stake great again these race notifications should be displayed at casino not on sports book. its irritating and members should have an option to opt out of these notifications. whats the point when stake doesnt have sports races? Secondly could our poor webmaster make the My bets section into 2 sections tab. winning and loss seprate. would be too great Thirdly whats the point of casino games in Sports search bar? you want to search for sports in sports section. so that would be a common sense right? and lastly dont forget to feed the poor webmaster first before he actually makes our stake site great again. cheers should have hired someone from fivr to do a better job in the 1st place.
  2. Kiddo is right. it would be a great addition to stake to add parlay jackpots, system bets, lucky 15 patent bets etc to its sportsbook. something stake should really think about
  3. zeesha

    Discord removal

    "Comment below your best Stake discord memories for a chance to win a prize!" but i had won a $1 couple of hours ago and channel was removed while i was waiting to collect winnings and now i cant claim it boo hoo
  4. Quarter Finals Matches: Leipzig vs Atletico - Winner:- Leipzig Atlanta vs Paris - Winner:- Atlanta Manchester City vs Lyon - Winner:- Manchester City Barcelona vs Bayern - Winner:- Bayern Semi-Final Matches: Leipzig vs Atlanta - Winner:- Leipzig Manchester City vs Bayern - Winner:- Bayern Final Match Bayern vs Leipzig - Winner:- Leipzig
  5. who ever wins the next Raffle. please donate some money to the poor webmaster and Stake to get stronger servers and a better upgrade. SO IT DOESN'T LAG. Whats the point of keep adding the casino games when i use it because it freezes everything. if you check other sites they have the same games and sports and runs smoothly. so kindly fix our user experience. Rather spend fixing on the site then splashing out on car. My opinion
  6. awwww so cute pictures. i thought i should attach my love my master called Doggy
  7. Old version way better was user friendly than the new on. Search bar doesnt work and everything is confusing. my opinion.
  8. both the reasons are correct. Still Doge is awesome
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