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  1. Cleopatra Slots or Sacred Slots
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    yup its really me
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    Good place to be, but many arrogant people on chat which i dislike
  4. my biggest is 100Kx on mines too but not as much as you because i bet with 10 litoshi
  5. I win at the beginning of playing here, but after that starts to lose everytime I bet many times.
  6. I am not sure, but I have hit a win on 100,000+x multipliers. For now still trying for that 1,000,000x multipliers and is like impossible dear.
  7. After a long win and when you changes seeds, sometimes it turns to losing more. I have experience something like that.
  8. my other wins:) thank you stake:)
  9. I won 200K Doge before, but I never managed to screenshot that.
  10. Hi all, thank you so much for the kind words and motivation. here is another win I hit a few minutes ago trying around different games. Cheers hope everyone can get lucky like me too
  11. Hi I just want to drop by to say hello to everyone as I have been here March playing at Stake. I am just a normal girl who is outgoing and wild at the same time. Dont need lots of introduction. I am just having lots fun here as I saw many people winning big multipliers and I wanted to try it too and here are my small winnings. Please bare with me as i am new