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  1. 1.602,00× 0.002 Eth Bet 3.2 Eth won 29.11.2020 Scarab Slot You should post your bet within 48 hours after you catch it. Its 30.11 14.53 theres not written any Time ending in the Terms and conditions just that we should add the win within 448 houres after the hit. Please add my win due to the Race didnt end yet : / @Nenad
  2. afrmmmmbl ;DD this is a big satchels trust in god
  3. Hey : ) no its not working with xrp+tag, have a look at the screenshot. On each won bet it sends % of the profit from red arrow field to green box field : ) Hey, thanks for your question, no this script is not created for withdraws, but for playing with dicebot eg so that after a time a real nice tresasure is collected in your vault : )
  4. DICE: 28,416,199,875 placed by svenjatzu on 28/08/2020 Wagered 0.30200000 Multiplier 1.1x Profit 0.03020000
  5. Hey there iv got this code for Hunting numbers but i cant make it run, comeone please have a look at it : ) ? chance = 98 nextbet = 0.2 bethigh = false counter = 0 currencey = "xrp" nombersToHunt = { 0.00 } function dobet() if containedInSet(lastBet.Roll, nombersToHunt) then print(lastBet.Roll) print(lastBet.id) ching() stop() end print(counter) end function containedInSet(x,set) for key, value in pairs(set) do if x = = value then return true end end return false end
  6. THanks alot Dan : ) ❤️ ill try to drop it in a comming update @ selectors : )
  7. Thanks boner for your reply, i really unerstand your concernings. Thats the reason why im adding my code here so that anyone can see it and for that coders can give thair feedback to it. I guess that, If there would be any part in the script that wuld cause anything bad to other plaers: 1. i wuldnt post it, 2. its not my intention to damage anybody,; than the other coders already woul have left a comment in here An public posted code is more relyable than an tool like dicebot or any other compiled bot where you enter your personal api. you can take each element from the c
  8. Hey there i thught about creating a tool that helps growing up your profits. Have a try its not bugfree up to now and needs some more updat3s. Additional feat, balance is shown in crypto and $ (lil buggy sometimes) . (read balance and set it to oldbal read balance again - when it changed take oldbal - new bal = amoun / % = amoun to send to vault. If you like just add your thougz about additional features. Id be happy about any feedback of your favourite % settings. Have fun. Feel free to send a tip for my work BTW there are some more appetizing scripts at my grea
  9. Hi, im confused. In each account theres an API and the info, only use the api if you know what you are doing. Am i allowed to use this api or not? May i use this api to connect to 3rd partytools like dicebot? May i use this api to run 3rd partytools like dicebot? May i use this api to run my personal self written bot for the stake games? May i use this api to connect to my stake account? May i use bots to play games like dice eg.? May i use this api to send money to my stakes vaulet? May i use my bot without api like eg .js? May i use bots
  10. WIrd mal Zeit jetzt packt die Grills aus und postet eure Grillseccions ;D
  11. Hey some days ago i found an intersting thing about one game maybe one mod could get in touch?
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