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  1. Snowmylife Hope to win :))
  2. Snowmylife Wooooot hope to get picked
  3. Thats crazy, how many mines were there?
  4. +1 to this idea, also to many the 77.77 jackpot on prime is really not worth the trouble. You get a 10k x multiplier basically on what you bet. And the ods of getting that is so much lower. There should be a centralized jackpot where all have the opportunity to hit the full prize
  5. I usually dont skip lower chance cards like 5/9 early on, but once i hit 3x i start going for low risk cards only. My favourite being the J and 3 cause your multiplier increases by 1+ after you reach 3.00x
  6. Its still luck, eventually you're gonna run into A/A or K/K , 2/A etc. And it hurts when you already have quite a high multiplier and you get burned on a low risk turn card.
  7. Ledger nano for hardware. exodus or jaxx for multiplatform wallets
  8. Hindsight is always a blessing. Sure crypto has its benefits but one can never accurately predict bitcoin tongo from cents to $xx,xxx in a couple years.
  9. Never had luck in plinko, hilo is the my go to, hit 800, 100x often