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  1. lol fortnite used to be where i lived but now i think gta v:D
  2. I think you should do a giveaway for the noobs of stake and a seperate one for the pros
  3. I have never played hilo past the point of 43 payout minimum of 29 payout for me as the risk would be too much and ive never really played so much on stake
  4. Pizza ftw lol best snacka dn food there is, i prefer either pepperoni or mozarella
  5. My highest is pretty small as i never trusted stake till now so its 259 on Keno with a 1 trx bet pretty small i guess
  6. Tron ftw its such a fun coin to use and its always going up in price i think its my all time favourite then xrp
  7. What balance would you guys recommend for this?
  8. Mine is like 20x lol