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  1. We all know gambling is risky you may win big or lose big. Winning big is a happy feeling while the opposite is really frustrating and shall I say depressing. Do you have any suggestions on how to recover losses? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi there babyrabbit I like your name good luck
  3. Will you drive the Lambo home or grab the cash? From 1-10 (10 being the highest) how confident are you that you will win? my hope is 10 but my confidence is 9 lols good luck stakers!
  4. Nice Lenda good luck for more wins
  5. I feel you pancho good luck to us
  6. If you will be allowed to change your stake name (one time) only what will it be?
  7. Nice Pancho good luck for more wins
  8. I have two wishes this weekend:

    #1 to recover my losses

    #2 to get a chance to join and to win Eddie’s giveawaysss :) 

  9. Me not hitting a KKK or an AAA on HiLo and a low bet on a very high multi on Limbo
  10. Wow congrats and more big wins for us guys my highest was 2,500x on limbo
  11. wow wichard loidy and ryderdan11 I hope our hardworks pay off good luck guys
  12. How many hours did you stay awake to play on stake?
  13. Hello, Kaway kaway sa mga ginto dyan Good luck ilang oras pa bago mag platinum?
  14. What is your best winning bet?
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