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  1. Official Stake Snapchat

    Added today, bitcointalk reply too.
  2. Last letter game!!

  3. Where would you put your money?

    haha, all remember [*] its not long time ago..
  4. Favorite Gambling Quote

    I stop lose if i stop play
  5. Where accept invite? I dont have. btw, i lose 1 round ;p and have 0.24 for u if u want, pm
  6. [Wanted] Translators for Stake

    I wait, when u need polish translator
  7. Hello forum! I find this topic, about passive earn I can share here my games, where i have passive earn. REFLINK (TY): http://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=29 CLEAN (EHH :() http://www.satoshiwars.com/ Realy easy game, make some mission (just click, and claim after x time), and when have money, upgrade proporties to max (10). With 10 lvl u have 480 gold per day (without login etc) u can login after for example month and have collected coins for month. Exchange for now: Withdraw (faucethub): Site sitll paying, my last withdraw is 2 days ago, and im 29' player here
  8. PM me here if u want. U have 3 games with bot every day, need win 2/3 for 0.1 mbtc prize, u can collect this or play "match" with other player for 0.198 mbtc @David pm me here, or on stake.
  9. Wonders in Your Country

    Thanks for nice opinion, if u think this, come here to see this in real!
  10. How can I monetize my blog?

    I think, first way is only for viewing ads (search the best offer per x view), and invest u profit from ads for banners about u site on other site, i mean u need get so many visitors, and later is easy, search any site to deal, review for bilion $ etc. enjoy with this, gl!
  11. Displaying Bet ID's on Forum

    "...and f*ck you" Heh, joke - great job Dan!
  12. what is your highest in keno?

    My record is 0.0005 BTC x 50 (8/10) I be in keno challange in top5 with this hit.
  13. Wonders in Your Country

  14. www.btcheat.com what you guys think?

    Ha! Sure site not paying, i just try my luck. Why? Check offers, and check on other site how many u can realy earn for this offer. About FAQ, money from ads? How? 0.001$ per click? Minimum payout is 200$, so small group of people can reach this = no scam opinion, dont waste time
  15. 4412830.00x

    Oh god... if i can ask, how many bet u need for this? Congrats and good luck for next!