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  1. Magisterek

    I'm invisible... since now.

    my browser dont save cookies, and i try on other, okay thanks for help topic to close then im going wait
  2. Hello ladies and gentelmans, just question, any idea? Can't write on chat, pm, i try remove maverick from friends and add again and i dont know, maybe its too not work and he dont see this. @edit i can bet btw betid:Hilo:204,417,018
  3. Magisterek

    Strategy to last the longest in roulette?

    Only pick 0, 3 and/or 16 and have hope to good day
  4. Crazy? I think no. For some people, 100k usd is same than 10 usd for other. gambler alert ha
  5. In my opinion, this list is biggest trash in web. I have gambling "experince" and know so many sites, now play maybe on 2, max 3, and realy so shit site is there on x pos. Only crypto games and stake, is one of best pick for crypto gambling site top list.
  6. Magisterek

    Now earn from your Mobile!

    I dont have opinion about, good luck if u use. More money is if u sell phone and stop earn with this
  7. Magisterek

    📢 2017 Stake Awards

    Most loveable Stake member: - Funniest Stake member: - Favorite Stake forum poster: - Favorite Stake chat user: Eugene265 Most intelligent Stake member: - Most influential Stake member: - Best Stake moderator: - Funniest Stake support member: - Favorite Stake support member: maverick/77kdub Favorite Stake admin: Edward/Spike i can't pick one ;/
  8. Magisterek

    Play together on stake'n'away

    Share in this topic your profile on gaming platform etc... whatever u use! My steam, if u wanna play, check my game (i can play with this on multi etc) LINK ON STEAM: /id/magisterekpl
  9. Magisterek

    Time spent on stake

    I can't calculate, i can be online every day, or for example every 3' day. Time how long i be online = how many active user is on chat.
  10. Magisterek

    📢 Official Stake Snapchat

    Added today, bitcointalk reply too.
  11. Magisterek

    Last letter game!!

  12. Magisterek

    Favorite Gambling Quote

    I stop lose if i stop play
  13. Where accept invite? I dont have. btw, i lose 1 round ;p and have 0.24 for u if u want, pm
  14. Magisterek

    [Wanted] Translators for Stake

    I wait, when u need polish translator
  15. Hello forum! I find this topic, about passive earn I can share here my games, where i have passive earn. REFLINK (TY): http://www.satoshiwars.com/?ref=29 CLEAN (EHH :() http://www.satoshiwars.com/ Realy easy game, make some mission (just click, and claim after x time), and when have money, upgrade proporties to max (10). With 10 lvl u have 480 gold per day (without login etc) u can login after for example month and have collected coins for month. Exchange for now: Withdraw (faucethub): Site sitll paying, my last withdraw is 2 days ago, and im 29' player here