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  1. What do you mean ? I dont't think I mention anywhere in my review these simulated matches
  2. Up guys @Faris, could you help and bring some attention to help me to get some community's feedback ?
  3. I will try to post pictures of the content as suggested. I hope it will be fine @Faris Note: It takes 4 seconds to load the images but it works and you can then zoom it to have an overview of the page... I hope you guys can help me to get my review better and accurate. All comments are welcomed of course
  4. I will do this as a last option. Because: 1) I will not get a good exposure so will not receive a lot of comment I suppose. 2) I would love to find a place a could post link to the real page to show you guys what I did with the image and how generally look the page
  5. Maybe not on this forum... But is there anywhere else I could share it with the players ? I mean I need them to help me to make it better
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of... But I would like to discuss that with a mod. Can a mod come and open a direct conversation with me please ? Could be a possibility yes. But I would prefer to share a link obv...
  7. Hello I just created a detailed review of Stake.com Sportsbook and I would love a feedback from the community and see if and how I can improve it... Is it ok to post the link in here ? I know lots of forum are against such practice... Is there any place adequate for this ? Thanks
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