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  1. awwww so cute! much softynesss hah dont mind my picture wanted to show you the little chinchilla's! <33
  2. ummm hello! Im Tristan 😊 Not Bro hahaah! couple more!
  3. 😍 tbh I would be pretty happy if I were to even win one of the $1000 dollar prizes!! lol. Good luck to everyone!!
  4. Yes I think verifying account helps with underage people gambling however anyone underage simply wont do it.
  5. Drive it, however the prize is being paid in BTC so unless I were to go buy one assuming I won, probably wont ever drive one lol.
  6. Totally AGREE!! I feel like I am not able to even hit anything over 120x anymore and have busted quite a few bankrolls trying since then.
  7. Yes in one day I managed to hit everything from 120x 170x, 260x,420x, 640x starting with 200k sats and was around .12 BTC ended up dropping over 9k balls and still never hit the 1000x ended up busting extremely frustrated because it was an all day thing... Haven't had much luck on plinko ever since that day, struggle to hit anything over 170x. Oh well. missing the screenshot but I did have a 170x on the same day I was talking about as well.
  8. There are many strategies out there for different games just remember that it may not always work for you, try different things until you find something that you like that works for you and I find myself staying at one game for too long which I have found is a good way to give back your winnings if any as well as your balance to the Casino., switch it up!
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