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  1. Fortnite Invite Code *not a scam*

    Thanks for the information @rack001 definitly will benefit me
  2. Fortnite Invite Code *not a scam*

    I HAVE 2 invite codes that I would like to sell for 0.0025 each. Send me a pm on telegram @oxywizard for payment details and invite code will be sent after 50% payment is paid* not a scam*
  3. Best game you’ve ever played

    That’s some awesome picks, thanks for replying people, keep it up
  4. 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Happy Days | Mines Challenge!

    Mines:243,610,813 placed by oxywizard Wagered: 0.00000512 Payout: 73.95x Profit: 0.00037352 stake username : oxywizard
  5. sign up now and join our airdrop and get points by completing tasks use my ref link ty https://wn.nr/zEVQ32
  6. [Lending] Short term loans

    asking increase 500k
  7. [Lending] Short term loans

    i give u xrp wallet with 20xrp for it ? if i dont pay you keep the wallet
  8. [Lending] Short term loans

    okay but ive been with you since your beginning i wont scam you or anything and you know that
  9. [Lending] Short term loans

    but count it as same loan... im trusted 500k increase would be the best for me right now
  10. [Lending] Short term loans

    asking for increase 500k paypack in 10 days max and 15% on last 2 days
  11. [Lending] Short term loans

    ok 250k
  12. [Lending] Short term loans

    500 k increase please
  13. [Lending] Short term loans

    increase 300k please
  14. [Lending] Short term loans

    asking for 100k 2 days max 10%
  15. [Lending] Short term loans

    i meant 150k extra on 250k not 400k loan