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  1. hello i need a 50k short term loan 50k loan and will pay back 19.99% a day for it Amount : 0.00050 Btc Days: 5 Intrest Per Day: 19.99% Username: Oxywizard contact me thanks
  2. Best game you’ve ever played

    i like these man!!! great picks!! thanks everyone for replying ;D nice to see some good games here!!! put more if you have
  3. iPhone Application

    i think so, that would be cool man
  4. iPhone Application

    you cant do apps for gambling, apple rules!!
  5. 2018 strategies chartbet

    whats your strategy for chat in 2018? post your numbers below thank you mine is 6 9 14 16 26 29 40
  6. Blackjack Basic Strategy

    thanks for this, i will totally study it and use it good luck all gamblers of stake
  7. Dice Stratagies! Win 2/3 of the Time!

    i agree with you man lol thanks anyway for the post good luck all
  8. How to win big (legit)

    will definitly try this soon as i get me some moneyyyy thanks for sharing and good luck
  9. I'm unveiling my latest strategy, only for you

    i tried it, it worked and thank you faneagle good luck bro
  10. Baccarat Big Win

    i like this game, but never really understood how calculation of cards really works
  11. Prayer While Playing Plinko

    i will pray for you all ;D
  12. Plinko X1000 Win

    i wish one day i will hit that good luck all
  13. highest win in 2018 ?

    what was the highest win you have ever gotten out of the game please post your bets if you can thanks all mine was 2k
  14. How to be cool in stake chat

    be me, but theres only 1 me so i guess u cant
  15. 2018 roulette strategies :D

    hello, if you have good strats for 2018 please post here mine is to bet on 1 number and same color with low amounts