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  1. Yeah they’re not I say, maybe you guys trusted them blindly but I saw how sneaky they are
  2. Thanks for your replies peeps, Yeah maybe mate I don’t know I think the whole thing is rigged
  3. Yes sir, but I will not disclose further any formation yet
  4. Yeah if I lost it to a fair system you’re correct, I have proof that this system is fraudulent and steals peoples money. Therefore it’s not gambling. You should actually try to get you 0.5 back if you can
  5. Hello dear stakers, It’s me again oxy today I come to you with a new complaint about stake and it’s staff members. In these past couple of days I have been going back and forth with the stake staff about my refund for the money I deposited in stake. They’ve laughed at me, Threatened me, and publicly shamed me. When I tried to speak up, they shut me down instantly with bans and mutes. Today I come to you to help me get my money back. 50% of what this system stole from me according to their staff member words. They made me compromise my morality and self respect and all I got was rejection. They’ve ignored every request I made and keep saying “you’re not cooperating with us.” When i did many times, And gave them many bets in this faulty system. I’ve provided enough valid proof to be refunded, but still not a single dollar was refunded. I’ve had it with stake and it’s staff. They called me names, played with my emotions and wasted my time. I’m not claiming just a refund anymore, this is a compensation for all these reasons. I’m asking for 0.065-0.075 out of 0.15 that this system stole. Help me get my money back!!!! If they keep saying they’re fair this and fair that show fairness by giving me back 50%
  6. Ofcourse I’m going to defend myself. I’m not going to let you say these things without any answer ? But I actually don’t care more than that. Haha only thing I care about here is getting my money back, And that’s the whole point of this thread. I actually thought about what you said and still saying... mate around me in this so called bubble these threats are nothing since they’re incorrect. You never met me. You never talked to me in person EVER. You can’t simply to really take the words from players in a gambling site and actually contemplate them and be sad about them. That’s what you maybe do but that’s not me. I’d rather have natural laws define who and what I am, rather than peoples blindly accusing me. Bubble this bubble that. This bubble I’m in Is awesome if its going to protect me from opinions that really count for 0 cents to my wallet or my moral righteousness and plus I don’t threat anyone or anything I’m more of a pacifist that believes Allah is the entity/authority with power to make threats. Therefore I don’t make none of my own. i don’t need to to know if you believe in the Illuminati either. Because if not. You should and actually try to escape the bubble that they put you in physically and mentally, And please don’t say I’m the one being prejudiced because I’ve not once offended you in any matter and if I did it probably wasn’t meant as one but all I actually care about on this site is my money back and that’s my point Thanks for your awesome reply dude and I sure did do that, but nothing came back.I don’t want to discredit anybody I just want my money back and that’s it ❤️❤️ Oh but there really is a wolf, and I had no idea that wasn’t allowed and if you caught on to it. You could’ve simply said oh hey give us our money back but nope you didn’t therefore That happened and I took the points and that was it. Shouldn’t be a problem. Verify bets from system that that bambozled me to just have it rubbing My face and show me that it took it
  7. Oh so the majority of opinions rule? Jesus disbelievers thought so too but that’s fine. Many opinions of the same meaning doesn’t give truth to that meaning. and Sorry I used a word you had to google haha. Dude you never ever came to me and told me anything about anything or asked me. you just judged and judged, back bite me with other people and then say I’m calling you words that I don’t understand and has no validation to? Come on. This is hypocrisy at its peak And I’m saying the system is set up for failure of small players because small bets are insignificant to the system and it won’t let them win anything. Because that’s how systems work in general. The richer get richer. The poor gets poorer Could care less since it happened already but please do tell if you want. But the reasons I know of are spamming chat haha and saying error bet
  8. Heyyy calm down with your prejudiced views about me. What others and Illuminati and all that. Come on man I thought you’re smarter than this, anyway that’s your view of the subject and I’m not trying to discredit anyone’s business and you literally just name called me on forums but that’s on you and your conscious and you’re really asking why I’m still here ? Haha oh and muted and kicked for spamming/sending legit promotion links to stake and primedice or no it’s because i defy everything you stand for from 1st day you met me and that got under your skin? Probably that but honestly I could care less of your opinion of me. I only care about How I treat you and how that effects me.Thanks buddy👍 Have a nice life and don’t go around saying Illuminati this and that. Even though these’re facts but that’s your view of the subject. Bye bye For posting legit comments that you judged as spam *cough* prejudiced
  9. Not going to play the blame game but it was a provoked action. Anyhow you don’t seem to understand that none of this proveably fair system will have me shut up because it because it’s provably fair but probably most likely isn’t.
  10. I’m not being rude or anything, I actually did cooperate and tried to be complying with all the objectives. But you’re looking at me from a point of view of me being mad, I’m not mad or anything I’m actually having a wonderful day. And I have not made any faulty claims from my point of view ❤️ I know you’re not a scam I didn’t say you are for instance you’re awesome and do giveaways but that’s not what I’m going for. But You don’t see where I’m coming from, and I’m trying to express these compiled feelings towards this entity but yet nothing Gamble = game=games games can be won. Systems can’t. Look around you in the matrix and you’ll see if the system is set up for wining or not and this goes hand to hand with all systems and @jodon1 sorry if you think I have alters and egos, please educate yourself about how to anihilate your egoistic self. Then we can talk about it in the AM no meds needed
  11. I know it’s not a money making machine and I understand that honestly,and completely. But it’s just the opposite of that completely 😷
  12. Ofcourse I’ll be mad when I lose my money, but I wouldn’t be if I lost it to a system that actually have had given me anything in return where it actually literally never ever did. And in the real world this is called false advertising if it’s not advertised as it is. Thanks for your opinion dude have a good one
  13. What? Equally? Yes for sure equally and fairly but I could say democracy is equality but is it really? Anyhow I didn’t abuse anyone but people get butt hurt quick. Quit trying to make me look like the evil guy here, where I’m just a normal person asking for what’s rightfully mine and thanks
  14. Thanks to you bro I appreciate you and your kind words. But this isn’t the way for me and good luck to u2 ❤️❤️
  15. Come on @Katarina you’re just proving my point that everyone treats me like shit from staff, I didn’t spam link. I sent it 2-3 times in 2 hours plus it’s a stake related thing and people are interested but thanks anyway and I don’t take warningsfrom anyone plus has no real validation of what they claim
  16. I have a screen shot of it and now they mute me just because i said a word of the human body
  17. So that’s it huh? It seems like you’re not reading me quiet well, I’m not going to go through the process again and again. I loved the site and it’s repertoire but not so much now. I really just want 50% of entire balance and I can then call it provably fair. Thanks have a good day 2
  18. im not making any accusations im just stating facts that actually happened and saw them first hand. and freewill it is but its not freewill after a couple of hours of losing. its actually a vicious cycle that this site depends on and keeps on inflating over time. im not saying these screen shots are the validation but ive showed many bets to support staff and they just rubbed it off with same answers as yours. im not going to dig bets out for me to proof over and over again. proof is that ive been here for over 4 months and yet 0 outcome has returned to me. not even 1 satoshi. and mentioning that ive worked with the site and promoted it and all I got eventually from the staff was a big metaphor of a fuck you. Sorry only reasonable person I felt that has morality is mladen other than that rest treated me like shit
  19. come on @Katarina i know you're protecting the sovereignty of the company and the site, but i provided enough valid proofs in the past and in the present. i'm done with the bureaucracy of the logistics and all its matters. please help me leave the site in a sense where both parties are satisfied.
  20. yes im going to use the same method that took the money, to verify it took the money ? sorry but this is inapplicable yes mate
  21. your opinion should be seriously taken in consideration because you're making total sense
  22. i actually did provide enough valid proofs already. i verifyed and showed you that the outcomes arent correct and im done providing stuff for nothing. im not calling the system anything. you assumed that i said its a cheat. i say its faulty please agree on my refund and never see me here again completely agreeing with you on this. thanks