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  1. #1 KENO: 25,182,391,230 placed by mordhau on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.06000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 16.14000000 #2 KENO: 25,184,021,300 placed by mordhau on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.06000000 Multiplier 270x Profit 16.14000000 #3 KENO: 25,182,145,711 placed by mordhau on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.06000000 Multiplier 48x Profit 2.82000000 #4 KENO: 25,182,257,320 placed by mordhau on 29/06/2020 Wagered 0.06000000 Multiplier 48x Profit 2.82000000
  2. Lucky Games was closing and someone told me about Stake so I tried it out. I like it a lot here and I'm happy I came aboard:)
  3. Martingales never worth it. There are maximum payouts, so a martingales worst enemy is a long loss streak. Even if they work temporarily, you will eventually lose with it unfortunately
  4. C9 will either go undefeated or lose 1 game this split. Their payouts aren't amazing, but they're tiers above everyone and a safe pick for parlay/multis. EG and Flyquest are the next tier of teams and will win 75-85% of their games most likely. Team Liquid and TSM are wild cards. TSM has a core of people who won 4 splits in a row, so you can find good odds on them and they could rise into the top 3. Immortals and Dignitas are useless and are going to feed wins to others throughout the summer split. I would put them to lose on your multi bets more times than not. 100 Thieves : They're playing horrible, but keep an eye on them-- if they bring up contractz (jungler) from their academy team then you will get some payouts from them. If that doesn't happen I have low expectations for them.
  5. I got lucky and hit 5 of a kind once and got 50k doge, haven't really won since so I don't mess with this game too much.
  6. I love slots, but Keno all day for returns
  7. Personally, I'm cool w/ no PM. It's annoying getting pm'd everytime you win. It's almost as annoying as the indian dudes pretending to be girls and the people who feel the need to cry in chat whenever they bust.
  8. I need to listen to this. I am notorious for making 2-3x my money and then losing it being greedy. Derp;p
  9. Joshua's a great fighter, I would definitely like to see him face Fury. That being said, Deontay Wilder dominated the sport for ages--it wasn't even close for years. I want a trilogy fight with Fury and Wilder-- I will be extremely disappointed if it doesn't happen in the next 1.5 years. There was some drama after the 2nd fight over Fury's gloves, but it's just unnecessary crying; Fury earned that win and dominated it from start to finish. Fury also was very classy after the fight and said he would fight Wilder again, so respect to him. The fight I want to see most right now is Ryan Garcia vs anyone. I love watching that kid. Lightning fast with a hook that murders people.
  10. I turned $20 into 2k betting on Major League Baseball (USA). It was all based on matchups-- certain teams historically can't hit against certain pitchers so I would often do a parlay for a team to win and then bet the under with it. Kenny Rogers and Felix Hernandez vs the Oakland Athletics for instance-- for many years those were just auto win. My favorite current sport to bet on is league of legends. Cloud 9 in the USA is simply an auto win. They will probably have 1 loss tops by the end of the season. They're actually the first US team to have a chance at league of legends worlds in almost a decade, so they are a solid underdog depending on the odds when they come out later this year. Nice, do you play dota 2 at all? I was a 'pro' at Heroes of Newerth, which was a dota clone that had tons of the same champions. I haven't delved too far into dota 2, but it was enjoyable when I tested it