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  1. hello snowsky thanks for joining forum with us ! Glad to hear you enjoy soccer I do aswell m8 have a huge multileg ill post here if things go well to share with everyone forum is a great place to pick up info, learn new strategies and chat with fellow players so is good you came
  2. thanks for the wonderful opportunity! what an exciting time wow so many betslips already! RoyalSteeze
  3. yes this challenge is very tough to do and yet very rewarding at same time for anyone who manages to do so. Im trying to see what kind of big ones there is out there too, wish you guys all the best luck on your hunt for the diamonds, no mines!💢
  4. Glad to have you here ronny, thanks for joining us on the forum side of things hope youre time spent thus far has been enjoyable, there is many subjects to discuss or even just give a good read .
  5. I think on any given day one might play better than the other but if have to choose I think I would go with kenos over slots
  6. Nicole , what a well put together post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that while sipping my coffee this evening and even got a few good chuckles, I must admit I have broken a few of those in the past heheheh
  7. New slots sure do look appealing, im glad there is a few extra lines and spots on the reels that have been incorporated! Im also very excited to see what this game brings, thank you so much stake for providing us a new game to play! ❤️
  8. hahah good stuff buddy I think the gifs were spot on in relation to the feelings one experiences in those situations lmao! thanks we need more funny stuff like this
  9. thanks champ for a great stream again! wish you the best as always can wait for the next one ill be able to tune in for full thing
  10. wow cool too see mines and dice so close, if I had to guess before voting I would say that dice was top 2 forsure My personal fave is mines, can get the big kaboooms lol 🎇
  11. I would go back in time and tell marty McFly not to go to the year 2020 at all costs!! 😷
  12. perhaps the smaller stakes it costs to play lottery and as you mentioned just the overall consensus that's its ok to punt on the lottery once a week lol, although most of us could never win the lottery we all have a good chance of winning a day or two of gambling
  13. ahh not a bad idea at all! perhaps stake can consider this for in the future and as another way to reward vip players ontop of there already great program! ❤️
  14. wow what a great hit, pictures so dark what is the combo for that was the rest of the tiles mines?!?
  15. I think its better personally without all that showing, yes it is nice to see and know perhaps but not needed to know other players info like that anyways, and im sure if you wanted your own info where up or down support could access and provide for you they are awesome at those kind of things , they are a really detailed team its great being here