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  1. Well welcome to the club. I thought it was just happening on pd forum, even here the same. Mhmm
  2. Definitely playing on PC allows for more flexibility and free styling. With the huge graphics on the website, i don't think a mobile would even survive long hours on intense playing.
  3. Scammers will also exist in 3031 also, its an occupation and it doesn't end.
  4. Well just make money and be rich, everything will be ok. He is also poor too, if not what would i be doing in a casino if i'm so rich and have so much money to solve all my problems. Every player in a casino is damn f**king poor, if he was rich he would have own his own casino you know. Just refer to him as someone with few change to throw around, but as for being rich he's in absolutely the same category as any other player here.
  5. Finding most of the other games hard to win except for dice and crash...
  6. I think the most wagers have all been transferred to rake backs. I also believe that the monthly reload has been reduced due to players constantly winning. However, support still has a lot of explanation to do. As it is at the moment only the VIP are enjoying the bonuses and add with the small percentage of rakeback.
  7. Only those who don't know what they're doing keeps lucky charms and dolls while gambling. Outside God and having complete control of how I play my game here, there's no lucky charm that I use cause its just a waste of time. Play according to how you think is comfortable for you and let God do the rest. Some times we win and some times we keep winning. Lolzzz
  8. For me jackpot is not necessary at all. And more over its even impossible to win even if there's a jackpot. The jackpot on PD has been there for well over 3years now and no one has even gotten close to winning it, rather it just keeps piling. Rather, let them convert the jackpot winning to something like bonus or increase monthly reloads for the players.
  9. Sorry though, is the topic still focused on giveaways or rains. Cause some peeps are talking of rains, mute and not partiality of the giveaway by Eddie.
  10. Wow...I've been wondering why i couldn't post on his giveaway. Now this explains it all. Thanks