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  1. @Edward a casino owner alwayas wear same tea shirt in evey streamin.. Come on eddie
  2. Hill20

    😴Crazy Dreams😴

    I have given ChokeSlam to a Dinosaur
  3. Most of us place way too much importance on what other people around us think about us. How will they judge us? In the moment, we think their opinions are crucial to our future success and happiness. On our death beds, none of that matters..
  4. My biggest regrade is i fucked up my aunty's doughtier and then she was pregnent...i thought i did a big mistake and yah its really a big regrade for me
  5. I am regret because i did relationship during my admission and dont get chance in good University also later my relation break up
  6. Hill20

    😴Crazy Dreams😴

    I dream to create something like Bill gets did "microsoft" and want to be number one rich in this world
  7. Hill20

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I want to go back my childhood..
  8. Hill20

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I want to go back last year and create moblie pubg game by me..so that i can be now billionaire 😂
  9. What song is it?? 🤣🤣 Truly 😐😑🙄🤔
  10. Hill20

    ⏰Time Machine⏰

    I want to go to future and see what new thing invented that time which is hard to invented now and all the Sceintist work hard to invented that... So i will collect all the knowledge about how to invented and back in 2020 while start to invent those thing..thus i will be famous😍😍 and billionaire 🤡😘😘