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  1. Been playing dice ever since I started crypto and it was also the first game I played the very day I became a member of stake family but I also tried playing other games available on stake. It was keno and slots that made me more addicted to stake.
  2. I like dice a lot. It's the first ever game I played. But stake introduced keno and slots to me and so now, I like these games more than dice.
  3. With 15k doge, I bet .1 doge, 4% increase on loss at 50x. I made profit out of this strategy. 😅 I just refresh the page after a single win.
  4. Seems a good strategy, mashfiqun. I am so gonna try this strategy of yours. Thanks for sharing this and may the best of luck be with us always.
  5. I agree to this very good idea of yours, mate. I'm also one of those who wants to know how much is the worth of my crypto and before I could know that I have to jump from one tab to another and do the conversions there, and this annoys me a bit.
  6. It made me sad that PMs were deleted for I can no longer message those people I get to know when I became a member here. Some of them are not active in the chatroom and I don't know as to where I can reach them aside from stake.
  7. This is indeed a good idea, mate. I really find it difficult to scroll messages and be able to read each when the chatroom is so active.
  8. I chose No because 10 mins reload is a bit inconvenient for me given that I have a work to attend to and I'd really miss other claims if that's the case.
  9. I came to know stake because of my friends who keeps on inviting me whenever they had the chance to talk to me. I just keep on ignoring their invitation because I really wanted to focus in just 1 or 2 sites until one day, this close friend of mine, with her eagerness to make me a part of the stake family, she was able to make me register here using her referral link.
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