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  1. Poker has really been my hobby, and job, the last 10-12 years. Been pretty much all I've been doing, but have become burnt out the last few months and now looking to do something else. Also enjoy swimming, tv-shows and sports
  2. Right now I'm watching the latest seasons of Billions and have this on the docket after that
  3. I got in in the fall of 2017 and got to take part in the bullrun of late 2017 early 2018. Got too greedy, didn't sell and ended up with a ton of bags. Starting to recover now, and i'm more of a holder than trader. I'm trying to expand into trading by trying to more actively look for setups, but its often hard to pull the trigger
  4. If you need or think about taking up loans to gamble I would suggest quitting gambling as a whole. Spending money you don't have on something you don't have an edge in is the best way of financial ruins
  5. At this point I would argue there's not point trying to get into poker on a serious level. People are just too good these days, the rake is too high and it's going to take way too long to get on a decent level. If anything I would go for PLO, not NLHE. jnandez's plo mastermind course is pretty decent, or the PLO stuff on upswingpoker. Tournaments I would look at the free stuff from bencb on youtube or other content creators
  6. CSGO is my favorite genre to bet on. So fast-paced and entertaining. Also a big fan of football, american football and mma
  7. The only way martingale will work is if you have infinite funds. At some point you will hit a streak busting your account
  8. Still on the iphone 7 since I haven't bothered upgrading in a few years. Had the iphone since the first one in 2007. Never use mobile for stake, only pc
  9. eirikri

    Favorite Poker Site?

    Back when I used to play online fulltime I liked the Ongame-network the most, but thats dead now. Only play casually now, but Party og Stars are the best ones of course. Party is doing alot of good for poker, while stars is meh but great software
  10. Would love to see poker being offered at Stake, but will probably be a bit hard to make happe