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  1. khennneth Auto-replied my username lol Good luck!
  2. Pharaoh's Twist of Fate Hi 👋 I think they were referring to rename the current slots game that we have. The one with the pharaoh figure & beetle. I may be wrong but I checked in the casino section and the new slot game is already named Samurai Slots. Nonetheless, I wish all participants good luck and more earnings! 😁
  3. I understand mate. Well, I was just thinking if you share your strategy or how you came up with your script other members in the forum would have the chance to also pitch in some ideas. It's also up to them if they wanna try it out once you share it and if they do, they should try at their own risk lol Nonetheless, I'm still looking forward to your next update mate. Cheers & good luck! 😄
  4. I see you had a great weekend mate! Yah every 3 days will do fine mate. Since you've made a spreadsheet for your sessions, your followers might just check it out every now and then. Also, may I just request if you could possibly add the betting strategy you used in each session? Thanks. Good luck mate!
  5. Sure mate! Been lurking in the forum for some time now. I'm also looking out for giveaway chances lol
  6. I haven't tried a strat with a set percentage change when winning. Will try this out if it works. I hope luck gets on my side lol
  7. Will also try this out. I hope it works on my end.
  8. Hi @Mikko1004, may I ask what strategy did you use in achieving this? Also, could you specify the bet amount and balance you started with? Thank you.
  9. Great read! Thanks for sharing your experience mate. I just started following you. Good luck on your journey!
  10. Wow! 😲 That's incredible mate! I wish I'd make big winnings here as well. Slowly but surely lol I see. Thanks for the confirmation mate. I thought I misunderstood the ones I've read in the forum.😅 Thanks once again mate! Cheers to more earnings and good luck too! 😁