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  1. Welcome willberthh hope you enjoy here.
  2. Not at all Ed but I think if you improve it to a chip it will be even more good to see its just like playing in a real casino.
  3. That's not a bug mate, I think you just roll a couple of times then you get that balance. Try to refresh your browser.
  4. Kevin13

    B3rt Joined

    Welcome b3rt. I want to try that free stock thing you know b3rt, can you share it with me?
  5. Kevin13

    Edward Here!

    Nice one @Edward and Angus now gone? We love you.
  6. it is old but I like it, Samurai Champloo.
  7. I think I just play for just about two or three games, I am not that much staying in stake I stay on primedice.
  8. Hello Hussain, nice to meet you here in stake forum. Wish you a good luck.
  9. A half I think. I don't know why I don't have that luck in gambling maybe I was born this way.
  10. For you, what is the best bitcoin exchange you used then and now? For me it's bittrex and poloniex. How about you?
  11. That's nice update, hope there are many updates coming soon to stake progress.