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  1. this limit to participate in the rains, it was bad for the least favored, because not everyone can keep depositing frequently, so many get discouraged or leave, only the richest who do not depend on anything will prevail, so if this is eddie's intention ,he managed.
  2. this problem really exists and sad money brings happiness and sadness at the same time
  3. yes, there are scammers everywhere in the world disguised as little lambs to move us. we must always be suspicious before any decision.
  4. I love dogs or cats so much, I can't discard any haha
  5. yes bitcoin, as other currencies are serving me a lot in my life, I see a great alternative to making profits. https://stake.com/?c=f7b0b10423
  6. I wish that at the end of the year there were many gifts and prizes to celebrate the arrival of the new year !!
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