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  1. sport:1994483 sport:1991368
  2. but i think its price gonna decrease since its supply .. unlimited how it gonna stay at same price
  3. i think since its supply is unlimited so it will remain at this price
  4. i think ETH is the best when it Become ETH 2.0 It price gonna increase
  5. oh i thought u were old that good u new like me
  6. i am happy bec i dont love casino i love betting on Matchs so happy to be back xDD
  7. i think u are right . i also cant control myself from gamble
  8. i love betting on sports i think its not risky like casino , i mean its less risk it seems to me Although i lose more than i gain but i am greedy xDD and what about stake ? u think its risky to bet here i bet here but i didnt cashout till now but i think this is trusted Place ? what do u think i am sure i cashout here alot right?
  9. Doge coin i love this coin its transaction fees is low and in many sites the miniuim payout with DOGE is the lowest so i love DOGE so much
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