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  1. 1 BTC is a good amount to save instead of depositing on gambling site. If I am having more than 5 BTC, I might consider depositing it, but still having doubts that i will do that. I might go for some small buiseness or else in real life instead of gambling.
  2. ok now I understand. It will be good to have a bot making announcements about races, but I think if a person is really racing or trying to win, he/she will always keep an eye on his/her position in race and it will hardly matter for him/her what bot is announcing in chat or notification, but I think it will be good if after race is over bot will say congratulation to winners in chat with their name for at least top 10.
  3. I simply can't understand what you are trying to say here and I don't know what Tomki has said earlier about races, I just know that Tomki is perm muted or banned. Can you explain a little bit more.
  4. I have seen a mod sharing a HILO win where person made bet with just 5 sats and got a profit of around 0.03 btc and it was when skip option was not there, it must have been a long streak
  5. I suggest to remove the drugs discussion tab from Controversial since it is a gambling site and people are here to play, win, and have fun, not to get to know about what drug others are taking and what is strong, what is best. I think getting drugged is really a bad choice to make, enjoy the life without drugs. I know stake forum's intentions are not about how people are taking this drug section, but since people are not taking right way it should be removed. Making a short poll if anyone wants to vote for it. Poll will end on September 15th.
  6. This is a nice move, I am waiting for it too, needs to know how far I am from getting VIP since I dont know how much more I needs to wager. Total wager is more than needed for VIP, but they now count stats from April 2019 for VIP and there is no different stats after April, so this is a much needed update.
  7. LIMBO: 7,813,071,924 placed by jamesbond on 09/08/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 20x Profit 0.00190000
  8. Happy Birthday Stake. Actually I had two memorable days, one when I first time got a big BTC rain, got 0.008 BTC in rain by someone and another one is today. I started today with 150 doge and so far I have reached 3000 doge with those 150 doge, looks to be a lucky bday party for me, might make this more big. πŸ₯³ The sad day for me were when I turned by 0.002 BCH to 0.5 but busted them all chasing the target of 1 BCH.
  9. Good to see 7s in challenge, lets see if 007 can get that bet jamesbond
  10. KENO: 7,619,239,049 placed by jamesbond on 03/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 17x Profit 0.00001600
  11. Few months back I got 50 doge from coupon and I was able to reach 7K doge with that 50 doge and another one was like going to 0.5 bch from 0.005 bch, but busted both times after reaching, just due to greed, making big bets reaching at those balance, so follow what @SLFJ has told. Control your greed to win.
  12. Diamond Poker and Limbo, you are right, they are easiest games to play, but not easiest to win. Poker has low payouts and never makes good profit in long run