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  1. Congratulation stake on reaching new milestone Jamesbond
  2. With the title of your post I thought you are going to talk about the ways to make a passive income from casinos, but you are talking something else. Anyways, I dont think these kind of loans are going to add any loss to casino like stake because eventually people are going to play with that amount on stake and thats what stake needs. Taking loan for playing is their personal decision and giving loans to other is also a personal decision and they take those risks about loan not getting paid, they cant blame stake for any loss for their own decisions. I dont think there is any rules needed for that, they already have rules for that. if someone reports about begging in pm to mod or asking for loans, mods can take care of that.
  3. Will be waiting to hit that awesome number, hope to win great amounts, good luck everyone
  4. jamesbond


    I normally bust every 2 to 3 days but never gets too mad about it, but yes I do make bad moves like doing rage betting even if I keep busting, but I still take it as a part of game
  5. They are still there, see the "Auto Pick" and "clear table", it is from desktop's browser, not sure about phone.
  6. I like to play the games and these giveaway events give me perks to play more and thats why I like them. Thanks for these giveaways.
  7. Congrats link, that was a very very nice win, good to see someone winning bets like that and thats what makes stake a good place to bet, you can hit in million X and win big
  8. Good luck all, May the stake be with you Username: jamesbond
  9. Can be possible in 2 to 3 years, but not at the end of this year. it will reach that high when BTC reach its max supply. This coin has reached its max supply and its price is much higher than BTC, but volumes are low https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/42-coin/
  10. Keep a place for me, will try to uninstall and install it again tomorrow, may be it will work after restart
  11. not had that app before and never joined this app before I clearly remember. the only poker app I ever installed was pokerstar and that was on other computer, so nothing to this computer, its a newer one if you find any solution, inform me, I will join
  12. after registration while logging in it says this
  13. I m going to be in, but do I need to deposit any cash or crypto