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  1. jamesbond

    One liner

    SLOTS: 12,685,043,384 placed by jamesbond on 13/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000150 Multiplier 86x Profit 0.00012750
  2. Yes I think it should be implemented as it will allow players to track their progress to raffle tickets
  3. I am just thinking it would be good if we can see how much we wagered for the raffle tickets and how much left for the next ticket so that we can adjust our betting strategy according to that. This will give us more chances to get more tickets and to not miss any ticket with slightest margin. I suggest developers to kindly add a ticker or progress bar in raffle section to see how much wager we currently wagered since the raffle started, would be a great favor to players who really wants to enter the raffle and win something. Kindly give your suggestions guys.
  4. I dont think second password protection is needed, but email confirmation for withdrawal should be applied and IP change should be also informed and verified through email. This might give some extra protection of funds.
  5. I am so late to respond to this, but I will take this as an opportunity to thank for the Dinabot and to wish you belated happy birthday on stake. Dinabot really is a great help to save time to go for exchange on other sites and it is one of the unique idea one might have thought of exchanging between sites. Good luck and I hope you might come up with more new thoughts in future.
  6. I would really not recommend Idle-Empire anymore to anyone. I am having 500K plus coins on it and that is more than 50$ and they have freezed my account with reason survey chargeback while I have not even completed any survey so far. I only did once a PTC click when I joined so far and since I am from India, not much surveys are available for me also. I only earned from one of my ref who has done exceptionally well with offers and survey and I don't know if he is doing any kind tricks to get that, but instead of freezing his account they freezed my account and he is getting his cashouts and my money is freezed and support is not helping and not understanding the argues I have given. So I should say poor support and poor site management, should not recommend to anyone.
  7. I got twice so far from rainbotNG and it seems a good idea so far for me as it makes chat less spammy and more constructive and with always the same 5K sats makes it more even for everyone and Hui has explained it better in the post, that post explains everything.
  8. Should have been a good option, rain should drop only to users rainer should like to give and not to the people who are talking nonsense or just talking sh*ty things in chat, this might lead to a constructive chat
  9. Multi bets are too risky for me, lose one bet and all gone. IN my last multi bet I won 5 bets out of 6, but whole multi bet was a loss due to that 1 loss out of 6. I think single bets are better.
  10. Welcome to stake @monkeyshaman, stake is a big zoo and you can find all kind of animals here, so you wouldn't feel alone 😁Wish you good luck
  11. Would like to play and at least double that amount and then withdraw half of it and keep the rest to double it again.
  12. HILO: 12,257,690,827 placed by jamesbond on 04/12/2019 Wagered 0.01550000 Multiplier 1.772670030593872x Profit 0.01197633 Can you clarify if this bet qualifies as I have not skipped any card in those 4 reds of diamonds, but did skipping by mistake after that as I forgot about challenge at that time and was thinking about profit on that bet.
  13. of course, I think there will be huge bonus and prizes with bigger challenges and races are coming on Christmas and New Year. Stake always celebrate festivals in a special way.
  14. Dice is always best game, other games went to busting mode after a few wins, dice takes more time to give long red streaks