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  1. Thanks for the reply, I thought it might take too long to get the answer.
  2. BACCARAT: 14,188,013,972 placed by jamesbond on 08/01/2020 Wagered 0.00000250 Multiplier 8x Profit 0.00001750
  3. It always seem annoying when you are hunting for low and you got big multipliers and then you think it will not come again easily as it just came, but happens again and make you more annoying, but as per me it mostly happens when we bet small amounts, never happens even with a bit good amount. I have seen a person hitting 10000X in limbo in just 4 rolls in live stream on twitch (May be Oleg), so these are odds and odds can go any way they want.
  4. Hi @Flansca, I got my Member rank recently and now I can add signature, but still having question if I can add any link or just a link related to stake. I am having my own website, can I add its link or banner in my signature, will that be allowed. Can I see any post or thread where I can read about the rules related to signature.
  5. Good to see many people here wants a P 2 P game and I asked about it to Eddie on twitch and he said it is not much easy to implement provably fair algorithms on a P2P game like poker, etc, so it might come, but gonna take time. Recently they are just focusing on removing bugs and issues and a new slot version might come this year. I also want to have a P2P game, hope they think about it and make it possible.
  6. I think Gary is from Moon since he is white and he is having holes just like moon, white color from earth and having holes in his face. He is from the darkside of the moon where only Eddie can go and no one else to meet Gary.
  7. I made 1.5 LTC in last 3 days from 0.01 LTC and today I lost all of them, it was a wonderful feeling to reach that balance with a small amount, but losing all in just 1 day is real bad feeling. First busted half LTC and then I started doing rage betting to recover and busted them all. Hope is still there that If I can do it once and then I can do it again, so no regret, but a bit frustrated on myself.
  8. DICE: 14,074,018,044 placed by jamesbond on 06/01/2020 Wagered 0.00016384 Multiplier 10x Profit 0.00147456
  9. Stake username: jamesbond Twitch username: Bondisgreat
  10. Happy New Year Paula, hope you have a great time here at stake. You are now on a wonderful site with nicest admin and support staff, have a nice time playing on stake.
  11. Previously I tried Betway for sports bets, but now I have stake then why go to any other site